zaterdag 8 oktober 2016

Friends are for life!

Having friends is so important, either in the Netherlands or all over the world, I would not know what I would do without every single one of them. It is so important to have close friends you can talk to. For most of you this life I live is this big party but it can be lonely sometimes. 

But here's a shout out to all my friends from the Netherlands, who have always been there for me and value our friendship, make time to see me when I'am home for a short period of time. It is not that they have to drop everything they are doing if I'am home, but I feel blessed that I can say that I have so many good and close friends, that distance doesn't matter. It's like a long distance relationship, or at least I like to believe it feels like this. It needs to come from both sides, otherwise it would just not work. I'am such a lucky girl. The fact that many of my friends also visited me in Dubai to see where I live and how my life looks like, gives me such an amazing feeling. To be honest, I try my best to stay in touch and in their lives as well, I love to know what's happening with their jobs, relationships, family, this gives me a feeling that I'am still part of their lives as well.

Obviously I cannot forget the friends I have made all over the world. It's absolutely amazing to be able to catch up with friends who live in Hongkong, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, Perth, Osaka, Geneva, Liverpool, Manchester, Cape Town, London, Spain, Boston, Sydney, Auckland, st. Petersburg, Bali, Tokyo and many more (a few I still need to visit in their cities)... I learnt it's not about how many Facebook friends you have, as long as the friends you have are true friends. It feels lovely as well if you know somebody in a destination, so that this person can show you around, and you don't have to introduce yourself anymore, because this person actually knows you. Sometimes it is exhausting to tell over and over again who you are, what you did before flying, where you live etc etc. Of course people ask you this out of interest and I do exactly the same, mostly to kill time, but still, it is just nice to meet up with somebody who knows you for you. I have met some amazing people on board as well, sometimes you just meet somebody and it clicks, you both laugh about the same jokes and you just get each other, then after the flight, you're the one who decides if you wanna stay in touch or not, if you do, perfect, if not, fine as well. You just do whatever you feel like doing, and I can tell you this, if feels amazing.

Nor can I forget the ones I have met in Dubai in the past 2.5 years. Because let's be honest, it's been something, adventure would be the right word here I guess. I love spending time with them, if it's either going for a fancy night out or just an old school pyjama party and doing face masks all night (and maybe brush each others hair, just kidding). Many amazing trips have I done with my friends from Dubai, and many more will follow. The next one will be Iceland with Valerie and Selma (two amazing dutch girls).
Not bad ey...

Some friends of mine already left the desert. They have resigned and either moved back home or decided life took them on another path somewhere in this world. 

There is this saying; Once you have travelled there is not one place you can call home, because your friends live all over the world.
I so agree on this one, there will never be a day that all of them will be together, maybe if I ever get married they will make it to the big day. That's also why Facebook comes in handy all the time. Without seeing each other you can still stay up to date with their lives.

Again, thank each and every one of you for being my friend, and listen to my crazy stories, and just listen in general. I don't say this all the time, but now you know I really do value our friendship and I cannot wait to give, again, each and every one of you a big kiss and a hug!!! <3

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