donderdag 28 september 2017

Busy 2 months, I need a holiday!

My second time to Dakar Senegal I did go on the tour, and I'm so glad I did. It was so interesting, so much has happend in Dakar, so much history. We went to Goree Island (coming from dutch Goedereede), which was used as a slavery trade island for about 300 years. Goree island is close to the coast of Dakar, 900 meters long and about 300 meter wide, all around the island there are slavery houses. Our guide took us to one of the houses and told us, it was the most organized house, and guess who owned it, yep, the Dutch. The dutch were on the island for years and years. In the house the rooms were organized; room for the men; room for the women, and even a room for the children and virgins. There was one way to avoid being sold to America or South America, and that was getting pregnant with one of the so called 'white' people who were in charge.

At the back of the house there was a door, the 'door of no return', the slaves knew that once they would pass through this door they would never ever see their family again and would never return to Africa.
Slavery house with the door of no return

How sad! In one room there was a scale, the men had to stand on it and if they were below 65 kilogram they were moved to another room to get 'heavier' and get fed, they would only be sold to America or South America if they would be over 70 kilogram. Sometimes the journey to the other side of the world would be 12 weeks. From the 20 million people that were 'sold' and 'transported' to the other side, only 14 million people actually survived. Around 500 slaves were on 1 boat with about 15 crew, the slaves had to lay down on the ground, in that way they could not take over the boat. One time the slaves took over, but when they reached shore in America and the people only saw the slaves, they knew they took over, and were punished for that.
It was so interesting to learn about the history of the slavery, and it's so sad that so many people got sold and transported, and that all at this small island. Once you own that island you own the slavery market in west Africa, in those days of course. The guide told us so much, and it was so interesting and sad at the same time. So glad I went, felt obligatory to learn about the history.

This heart was the first thing you saw when you arrived at the island. I guess they want to show by this, that despite everything that happend on the island, love will conquer it all. Maybe that's not the way, but it's my way... 

Lets talk about some fun stuff now !!

On the flight itself I sold a lot of duty free again, so happy days, happy days !!

In the last 5 weekends, I have been in the Netherlands for 4 of them. It all started with 4/5 days off that I decided to go home. One of my good friends was organizing a little reunion with my friends from university, even though I had to fly via London Heathrow and with KLM to get to Amsterdam, but oh well, things you do for friends. We had some drinks, dinner and good catch up conversations.
these people <3

The weekend was awesome, so good to see my friends. On sunday I was meeting one of my oldest friends (not old in age but old as we know each other our whole lives - literally ), to go to a festival in the Netherlands called Mysteryland.

Same concept as Tomorrowland but way smaller, very good atmosphere though.
And guess who I ran into, my Dubai brothers Koen and Kristof.
Nonnie with my dubai brothers.

The weather was amazing, the people amazing and it was just such a good weekend, which ended on a monday on the beach in 's-Gravenzande with my mom. Back to the desert to do a Washington flight, didn't see Trump (so sad, haha not). After Washington it was top secret for me to head back to Amsterdam, it was time for Saskia's (sister in law) bachelorette party in Rotterdam. This time all the flights to Amsterdam from Dubai were again, full full full, so the de-tour went via Athens and then KLM to Amsterdam. Got on all my flights, and I can tell you this, it was running EVERYWHERE. Finally getting to the last step to get to Rotterdam by train, guess what, I see the train leaving in front me, being on the road for god knows how long, and then see the train going in front of you. I did swear a bit, but I'm sure everybody understands that.
Once I arrived in Rotterdam, Nienke (my other sister in law) told me that Saskia just went to the toilet, so there I went running again to the restaurant and just sit at the table, so that Saskia wouldn't notice once she would come back from the toilet. It worked, she had no clue I was there, maybe because of the 'few' drinks she had, at one point I stood up and said, I heard there is a party!! Her face was PRICELESS went she finally realized I was there too.
My sisters <3

Her reaction later was; I knew you were coming, there's no way Merel is gonna miss this. hahaha! And she was right, now way I would miss that party! We did a cocktail workshop and then danced the night away!

But it was a weekend full of surprises. One of the friends is pregnant and due in October, her friends organized a surprise babyshower and since I was already in the Netherlands anyway I could make it, hate to miss things as you might wonder haha! She cried when she saw all of us sitting in the park, and special thanks to her best friends who organized and decorated it, it looked stunning!

Jessica's surprise babyshower

Back to work to go to Seattle for the weekend, 2 day layover. My friend Cassidy that I met years and years ago in Spain (Salamanca). Sound so old now haha, but it's true. I met her in 2012, she's American, lived in LAX, met up with her there once and then she moved to Seattle and we met up there again. We went for dinner with her friends, where the next day we went kayaking and then ended up at the observatory to have another look over Seattle and watch the sunset.
Cassidy ! 
Casual sunday in Seattle kayaking

But let me tell you about the flight going there. It was packed and the passengers were very demanding, but there was one guy, blond hair blue eyes, that kinda style, my style. He got a free upgrade together with 15 others. While all the lights were out I was having a walk around and see if anybody wanted some drinks or food. The passenger next to 10E (that's how we identify the passengers, by seat number) was asleep but he had his handset next to him on his armrest with the light on. So me, trying to be nice, push the button on the handset so the light goes off, while I press the button the handset retracts and it just flies right in his face, and he wakes up, oops, my bad. 10E saw everything happening and we couldn't stop laughing. Later he came to the galley and we talked for an hour. Such a nice man, friendly, funny and just beautiful. But,  because in my life, there is ALWAYS a but, he's engaged. Bummer! Oh well, he did make this flight extremely pleasant. I have Seattle again this weekend, so there's hope again haha!

Weekend number 3 in the Netherlands was the wedding of my big brother and Saskia. Even though the weather wasn't as expected, the day itself, the church, reception, party were just AMAZING! So much love, and it's just such a special day to share it with your family. I arrived on wednesday morning, because Saskia asked me to pick up the dress so I could see it before the wedding day, felt very honored. She also asked me to be in charge of the dress during the photoshoot and the rest of the day, of course I was super flattered and excited, however, I had not seen the dress yet. She came out of the fitting room with a veil of 3 meters, it looked stunning, but it was gonna be a busy day for me trying to make sure the veil is just perfect, but challenge accepted! We also got the 4 musketiers back together again, after more then 2 years being separated, we all met each other separately but this time the gang was back!!!
4 musketiers back together at last! 

Thursday and Friday we spent decorating the house. All the day guests (family and close friends who you spent the whole day with) were coming over to our house for a lunch with the bride and groom. Head of decoration was Nienke Loomans, it looked like a fairytale, flowers everywhere, a family tree with wedding pictures of their (grand)parents, and it was just perfection!
aaaaaaah just so beautiful
The family tree

Saturday was the wedding itself, I went with them when they had their photoshoot, but the best part of the day was the moment Martijn saw Saskia for the first time, you could just tell there were so many emotions, both sides, and I knew he would cry a little bit!
After they threw the pigeons in the sky <3 btw look at that veil!!! 

In church it was first the civil wedding and then the church wedding, the vows and then the rings came along, by nobody else but my other brothers dog Gael (who is a Berner Senner aka pretty big), it was just hilarious him running all the way to the front to bring the rings. Nobody saw that one coming! Everybody just looked so beautiful, and who doesn't like a man in a suit.
My outfit, and yes those are the Louboutins!

We had dinner at a beach club, and as soon as it stopped raining we took photos on the beach, can't wait for the photos!! I only took party pictures, like always haha. It was an amazing day, and now I have 2 sisters, yeeey! So happy to have these amazing women joining our family and taking over the Loomans name.

Finally last weekend I was supposed to go to Dacca in Bangladesh, however, somebody wanted to swap the flight with me for an Amsterdam. So there I was again, last minute roster change, mum and dad thinking they wouldn't see me for about 2/3 months, but now here I was again. Met up with my friend Nikie in Amsterdam, where we sat at this super cute proper dutch bar/lounge next to the water.
Nikie :D 

It was a beautiful day and boats where going up and down while we were having a beer and wine, how much I love that city, maybe one day in the very near future I will be living there.... Then I took the train to meet up with my Salamanca girl Julie in Utrecht. And how beautiful is our country actually! On Sunday, mum, dad and Tim came over to have breakfast with me before heading back to the desert, probably have seen me enough to last a few months now!

Back to work you think? Maybe a little. Went horse back riding in Zimbabwe the other day, heading to Seattle this weekend and maybe have a little cheeky trip.
Seeing some zebra's chilling around.

Then I have my annual exams to be legal to fly for another year and then it's time for another Wouter and Merel holiday. Colombia here we come! Can't wait to spend 2 weeks with my best friend traveling all the way through Colombia.

Even reading through this blog makes me a bit tired but brings me the biggest smile on my face, how did I manage to get all these things done? Oh well, maybe it's better not to think about it and just go with the flow. What a summer it was, even though it took some time to get over somebody I couldn't have done it without all my friends and family. They will always be there for me, no matter what, and it makes me fortunate to have such amazing people around me. Each and everyone of you, you know I care and love you all <3

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