zondag 22 april 2018

First months of 2018!

Wow, the last time I wrote a blog it was the 2nd of January, it's the 22nd of April now. I think this has been the longest since I wrote a blog. I don't know it's about being busy or simply not knowing where to start...

The people who follow me know that I have been alive and very busy, shock right? The year started of in a very good mood, and happy I would be flying back to NYC, one of my favorite cities in the world. There's just something about it that I can't describe but something everybody feels when they have been to New York. Although my trip didn't go as planned, very long and exhausting story that I won't bother you with haha.

After New York I was busy organizing a bachelorette party for my friend Annelien, she is married now to my friend Edgar. And if you can trust me with one thing, it's organizing a party, so yes we did get a few drinks, did pole dancing and ended the night with karaoke and loads of jagerbomb shots, my favorites! She loved it, and did not expect it at all, so it was a very successful day and the smile on her face was just priceless!

The end of January/beginning of february my friend Valerie come by in Dubai to visit me. It was full of chillings by the beach, loads of sleeping but also attended a few parties, why not right?! It's always such a pleasure having friends over, showing them how I  live in this crazy city, but also my dear friends I met along the way.

Then I had a London flight but this one was special because I was flying with my bestie Wouter!!! It's always so much flying with him, having a sleepover, getting our gin and tonics together. We did a bit of sightseeing in London and just walked around together, it was so nice. After london it was time for the wedding of Edgar and Annelien. I slept about 2/3 hours after my London flight before I had to go to the wedding, but so worth it. The love they have for each other is so inspiring and from the bottom of their hearts, that I think that everybody dropped a tear of happiness. Guess what, they even asked me to SPEECH! I had the honor to introduce them for their first dance as husband and wife! And then it was time to PARTY, which we did, what I remember haha!

The wedding was beautiful, afterwards I had a few days off so I could meet my dear sister in law for her 30th birthday at home. The weather was amazing, well it wasn't hot but it wasn't raining so thats already winning in the Netherlands. Loved riding my bike around town, going for lunch with my friends and just spend time with my family. I was in Amsterdam 3 times in one week, did the flight on Valentine's Day, my dates were Tim and Nienke, who took me for a lovely dinner, then back on days off for Nienke's birthday, back to Dubai to operate the flight back as crew, where I would take my mom and her friend with me back to Dubai on my flight. My mom doesn't really like flying that much, but when she saw the Business Class lounge she suddenly liked flying a bit more haha. Then I had them over for about 4/5 days, and just went for the beach, nice lunches and dinner and relaxing a bit, which was nice. My mom knows Dubai better than some of the crew I think, it was her 8th time!

The weather was getting better in Dubai, therefore going more to the beach to get my tan on point again, having a few parties here and there, the World Cup Horse racing which I attend every year.

But also had to say goodbye to my dear dutch friend Selma. She decided to move back to the Netherlands in Rotterdam, where she got a house already and now she even has a job already. That's the hard part as well from living in Dubai. You meet so many amazing people but at some point, one by one will decide to either move back home or take another step to another city. Which makes me think as well, what's my next step? Many of you already know what my step is, once I have more things confirmed I will shout it from the roof for the whole world to know! But my Dubai adventure might be coming to an end as well very soon...

In the meantime just doing as much as possible to enjoy all the benefits I have. Did a spontaneous trip to Jordan with my belgium friend Estelle, to see Petra and the Dead sea.

The weekend before Jordan I had an Auckland trip, where we know stay for a bit longer then 2 days, we did an amazing wine tasting tour at Waiheke Island, those wines are the BEST, and the next day we went for SKYDIVE! We drove all the way to Bay of Islands, which is about 3 hours driving, but even the drive itself was beautiful. I convinced 3 other crew to jump with me. At first I was very nervous, but once in the plane going up to 12.000ft it all disappeared. I just felt right and I was so happy that I was finally doing it, and somewhere to enjoy the nature on another level. It was one of the best experiences in my life that I will never ever forget. On the way back to Auckland we stopped to look at the starts and they were just amazing. One day I think I just want to actually travel through Australia and New Zealand, there's so much to see and do, and you need the time, not just 2 days.

Last but not least I have to mention my last Amsterdam flight last Friday. I organized a little reunion with my friends from uni, friends from my town, the tennis and basically anybody who wanted to join was welcome. I never expect my friends to drop everything when I tell them I'am in town, but the fact that they are still there for me after 4 years living abroad gives me a proud moment and very grateful for so many amazing friends who have visited me in Dubai, followed and read my blogs, took the time and effort to ask me how I am doing in Dubai. Therefore knowing in the near future I might be heading back to Amsterdam gives me a big smile on my face to be able to spend more times with all these amazing people that make it worth it for me to come back to. Friends are forever <3

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