woensdag 29 augustus 2018

Sleeping or going to Festivals?

It's been 2 months now since I have returned back home after 4.5 year of living abroad in Dubai. And I will not lie to you, it has been a few hectic but also very relaxing two months. The first 5 weeks the weather was extremely nice and hot, like everywhere in Europe. The only thing I had to think of was what time I was heading to the beach. It feels good being home again with my friends and family, knowing I won't have to leave any time soon.

With Esmee and Valerie in Amsterdam 

The past weeks I think I slept more then I was awake, no joke. Minimum of 10 hours a night was very nice. But keep in mind I didn't sleep proper for the past 4.5 years so you can say I needed it. Even when I woke up I was still tired. It's strange how much your body can handle and then when it finally stops all it want to do is sleep.

With the four musketiers!

I have had a few nice days and weekends in Amsterdam catching up with everybody, even drove all around the Netherlands to meet my dear friends in Rotterdam, Utrecht and more Amsterdam haha. At the end of July it was time for the biggest festival in the world; Tomorrowland. My first time to this festival was last year, so this year you kinda know what is happening and the surprise factor is gone. But nonetheless, we had a big group who either lived/live in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, a combination of Belgiums, Dutch, Argentinian, South African, English and Swedish. Safe to say this is our Dubai family. The first day is the Gathering party where only the people join who stay on the camping like us. Don't think this is a small party, there is at least 20.000/30.000 people ready to kick of the partying, with a surprise act of Armin van Buuren, who did an incredible tribute to Avicii, amazing. It's hard to explain a festival, just think of you with your friends walking around all day, having a drink and just dance while the whole world comes together just for this festival. You sleep around 5/6 hours a night if you're lucky with earplugs and eyeshades, which are a MUST. I can't sleep without anymore. Tomorrowland is the biggest and best music festival in the world, the stages, the fireworks, the artists and especially the organization is just incredible. Very impressed how they organize such a big event where hardly anything happens. I'm sure thing happen but I didn't see anything. We made some great memories again with the group where we will be talking about in years to come.

Dubai family at TML

After Tomorrowland I had a 3 week break before I was heading to Lowlands festival in the Netherlands, which is music wise completely different then Tomorrowland. The music at Tomorrowland is more dj's and EDM (electronic dance music), where Lowlands is more bands or artists like Dua Lipa, James Bay, Tom Odell, Rag 'n Bone, Kendrick Lamar, and N.E.R.D., not gonna lie those where the only artists Esmee and I knew of the 300 performing. The vibe was completely different as well, more hippies and alternative people were attending Lowlands, and mostly Dutch as well. Tomorrowland is more international. Again we went camping, instead of a big group this time I was joined by my dear friend Esmee, who knew, just like me, a little to nothing about the festival or artists, so we had zero expectations. We knew a lot of our friends who were going to Lowlands as well, so it was good meeting up with everybody during the day. Going the festivals is just the best to do people watching. Honestly you can sit on a bench or chair ALL day EVERY day and you will be surprised! We had a blast, and we might go again next year.

Party people at Lowlands

Tomorrowland (X)
Lowlands         (X)
Mysteryland     (  ) 25th of August

Yes, I was going to one more festival this summer, not for the weekend but just for the day with my friend Manon, her boyfriend, one of his friends and an Australian friend of mine who I met 2 years ago in Osaka, yes that's what we call the cabin crew life, haha! He had no idea what was about to happen to him. Unfortunately the weather wasn't as great as it was at the other festivals, but hey it's the Netherlands, we just wear raincoats and dance in the rain. Manon and her boyfriend were at the hardcore style stage where my aussie friend and I were hanging about MainStage, where again is more dance music (Hardwell). All of a sudden a girl comes up to me and asks me if I used to fly for Emirates, so of course I say yes, turns out I used to fly with her a few years ago! How funny and what a small world we live in! Next to us we met a nice group of people, turnt out they were all brother and sisters. To be precise they are 6 sibling, 4 girls and 2 boys, and they were the funniest group of siblings I have ever met! The girls were just incredible and the boys even better, haha! So funny how you meet the most amazing people at the most random moments in life, love it!

With Manon at Mysteyland

I don't really know what else to say about my past few months. They have been incredible, and I secretly don't feel like I will be home 'forever' now, it still feels like I'm on holiday. What better to feel I'm on holiday then going on holiday! If everything works out as I planned I will be heading back to Dubai for a few days mid september before heading to New Zealand with, of course who else, my dearest friend Wouter! We will be traveling all over the southern island of New Zealand in a camper, enjoying nature, good conservations, and never forget loads of spareribs!! Can't wait to be reunited again with my dear 'dubai' family and enjoy a beautiful country like New Zealand again. You all must be thinking, isn't she going to work anytime soon? I won't lie to you guys, I do already (sort of) have a job, however my starting date has been postponed. More details will follow when I have them. But don't you worry about me. I'm loving life with my family and friends, and the best part of this all is that, something I can finally say, I will become an auntie in January!!!! WAAAAAAAHAAA, so excited for this new chapter in our family's life.


Life is good people, as long as you don't forget to enjoy it to the fullest as well!  <3

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