zondag 4 september 2022

Back at KLM!

Exactly one year ago I started my KLM Cityhopper adventure, and now I am back at 'big brother' KLM! Last week I had my training and tomorrow my first intercontinental flight to Singapore. So excited! I leave tomorrow night and I am coming back on Sunday morning. We first fly to Singapore, stay there for 48 hours, then we do the turnaround to Bali, and then again 48 hours Singapore before heading back to Amsterdam. The best part is, I am flying with a friend, and Singapore is kind of our destination. 

First a little recap of Cityhopper. All of a sudden just before our holiday to Colombia I received an email that I could go back to KLM a month earlier then planned. Reason for this was that they have enough people now at Cityhopper and they are in need of crew at KLM. Hence why we 'left' earlier'. Therefore I did Cityhopper for 11 months in total, I operated 355 flights!!! YES that is a LOT, more then a lot. In those 11 months I had around 5/6 weeks of holidays. Therefore in 9.5 months I did those 355 flights. I have seen 37 European cities, and been away for 86 nights. 


Lyon (5x), Basel (5x), Newcastle (5x), Luxemburg (4x), Bologna (4x), Nurnberg (4x), Brussels (4x), Gdansk (3x), Linkoping (3x), Stavanger (3x), Aalborg (3x), Nice (2x), Bilbao (2x), Stuttgart (2x), Toulouse (2x), Trondheim (3x), Venice (2x), Munich (2x), Bremen (2x), Florence (2x), Milan (2x), Dusseldorf (2x), Glasgow, Hannover, Aberdeen, Bergen, Leeds, Zagreb, Frankfurt, Belgrado, Valencia, Bristol, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Kristiansand, Cork. 

Many destinations, many flights and many different colleagues. Learnt a lot in those months. Laughed, cried, went through all the emotions you can imagine. Had to arrest somebody on day 1, helped a guy who had an epileptic seizure, heard many happy stories but also some sad corona stories. Now time to go back to 'big' KLM! After Singapore heading to Salt Lake City for 3 full days, and then also 3 full days in Bonaire! Work hard, play harder! If anybody has any tips for Salt Lake City and Bonaire, let me know! 

Special shoutout to my friend Danique who made my last 2 days rememberable! Can't wait for her to be back at KLM next year so we can fly together again! I have deep respect for everybody at Cityhopper. They work extremely hard and they all do it with a smile, I did have a good time with all those amazing people! Now time to have 400 people again in one plane! :D 

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