woensdag 13 juli 2016

Officially Business Class Crew now

My second month of flying business class, and what a difference its been. It's so much better, I also feel cleaner, since you deal with less food obviously, and nobody putting their food on the ground, finally!!!!! On the 380 the maximum capacity of passenger you can have is 14, instead of 427 in economy, where on the B777 if it is full you can have a maximum of 21 passengers. Still better then economy. This is because on the 380 you have more crew and are the areas divided between 6 crew, therefore you only deal with your passengers in your area. If you work on the left, you do not deal with the passengers on the right. This way you build up something with them because they will see your face only.

The passengers itself are different as well, you are more one on one with them so you can actually get to know them, and so many have amazing life stories. Especially when you do the lounge, the bar on the A380, people come there to have a talk, and since I can talk to a tree, this is no problem for me.

I have met an elderly couple, where the husband moved to Australia in 1951 with his 8 brothers and sisters, and from the 9 children, 8 of them became billionaires. He loved to talk about it, originally dutch but now with a very Australian accent. Him and his wife were traveling back to Holland for their annually trip with the brothers and sisters and all of their children, I think he told me they are with 120 people all together. How amazing, if you're that age and you can afford for the whole family to fly business class and do a small euro trip.

There was a local guy from Dubai who climbed the 7 highest mountains in the world. He just came back from Alaska to climb a mountain there, and now he was flying back from Toronto to Dubai to go back to work. Can you imagine, climbing the 7 highest mountains in the world, that's so cool !

On my previous flight I was talking to a heart surgeon, who was born in New York and originally from India, and now living in Singapore. He gave me a little lesson about the heart, which was very interesting and then I asked him about the bars in New York where only the local New Yorkers go to, he made an email for his cousins, asking them about the best bars in New York and put me in the CC.

It's just so interesting that there are so many different stories from all these people, and these are just three examples of all the interesting people I have met so far in Business Class. I can honestly say that I feel more comfortable working in business class, I can joke around and they would understand them as well! Where some times in economy they would look at me as if I was speaking Chinese.

Obviously every cabin have there nice passengers, but their also less nice passengers. From spoiled arabic ladies who have their servants flying in economy and they treat you like one as well. Then it is hard to not say anything and remain calm, because you want to say so many things, but you just can't because it is business class.

The food is so good as well, having a nice meal from shrimps to lamb and beef, or a nice salad or soup, you can choose. Good thing I am not a big dessert person, so I am not attracted to those at all. I know it sounds very sarcastic, but it's actually true, not a chocolate and dessert person. But if you have a bag of paprika chips, those are mine and mine only....

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