woensdag 29 juni 2016

Birthday month.....

Yeeeeeey it was finally June, my birthday month! A month of some good destinations, some Amsterdams and a little holiday with my birthday twin, Maki. We met on a Madrid flight when we found out that we have the exact same birthday and even the same year, then we made a deal, we are going to celebrate our birthdays together at a cool place. Last year we went to Malta, which was amazing. This year we first wanted to go to the Maldives, just relax and chill. But as you might expect, the Maldives it pretty expensive. Then we decided to go to Barcelona, we both love Spain, the food and as well all the sangria we can get there. Last minute we got more days off, then we took a spontaneous trip to Mallorca. I landed from Amsterdam on the 16th in the morning, packed my bag, had a few hours sleep and then on my way to the airport, where Maki landed around 1pm and our flight was at 3.45pm, so she was rushing and pretty tired. We both ate on the plane, had a little baileys before we slept around 3 hours. Once we got to Barcelona and our hotel we were both really tired, but it's our night so we got ready and went to the W hotel, close to the sea. I asked the dj if he could play a birthday song, but he couldn't,,, boringgggg! My dutch friend Florien knows almost everybody in Barcelona so she gave me a number of one of her friends who always throws a good party. so around 1.30am we went to Shoko, a big club at the beach side of Barcelona. The queue was MASSIVE, I swear, there were around 75 people waiting to get in, so I called this friend, and he comes up and grabs my hand and just pulls me inside together, obviously, with Maki, so no queue on our birthday! That club was amazing, we were next to the dj just dancing the night away. At one point we were so tired so we left and went back to the hotel. The next day we just went to the beach and chilled and eat more ham then we already did, and we made a promise to eat ham every single day, so we did. That night we went to bed early because our flight was in the early morning with Vueling (as I can honestly say to you it's been a while since I have been with a low cost airline, so I got prepared). As always I take my pillow with me and also my eyeshades for a 30 minute flight, haha, some people looked a bit strange at me, but they were probably just jealous of all my preparation, haha.

We got to Mallorca really early, we could check in already at the hotel so that was really nice. We changed and then went to look for a nice beach where we could take a nap. The beach was absolutely stunning, water was clear and blue, it was a bit crowded but the beach wasn't that big either so then it looks busier. It was a Saturday night and we decided to have one more night out and then we would just chill and sleep. We went to Pacha, a big club they also have in Barcelona, Ibiza and Dubai. The music wasn't really what we were looking for so we just called it a night around 2am. The music was better in the taxi ride home then in the club itself. The next days we just went to a different beach every day, read my book, listened to music, taking naps on the beach, going for a swim and having nice lunches. It was so nice and relaxt. Just two girls having a chilled holiday and all we did was talk, eat ham and mini salami's. The last day we went back to Barca to spend one more day there before we were heading back to the desert that night. But from all the naps we took on the beach, at one point we got so tired in Barcelona that we went to the Arc de Triomph park to take our daily nap. That night we flew back to Dubai, both with a really good tan.

My next flight was Amsterdam, already looking forward for this flight for the past 4 weeks, because I planned a post birthday party, were I would see so many friends of mine who I haven't seen for ages. I couldn't sleep the night before the flight because I was so nervous that I would miss my alarm, and then I started thinking, what if the flight is delayed, and so many other things that could go wrong. The flight itself was nice, busy but nice. Flights have been better since I moved to business class. Once I got to the hotel I slept for an hour, then got ready to go for dinner with my parents, brother and his girlfriend, before the party started! Everything went so well, I want to thank everybody who took the time to come and see me that night, friends are forever. I had to call sick for the return flight back to Dubai, food poisoning. Once you start throwing up in combination with diarrhea you are not allowed to fly for the next 48 hours. I had to stay another 2 days in Amsterdam. I flew back to Dubai on Monday night in Business Class because I was not operating. I got back to Dubai yesterday morning. All feeling well and better. My next flight is on Monday to Paris for 2 days!!

Today is a special day as well, not a good day. The 29th of June is the day I had my car accident, and today it's been 6 years. So much can happen in 6 years. I'am not gonna think about the negatives too much, just another eye opener moment that you have to enjoy life to the fullest.  

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