woensdag 10 augustus 2016

Awkward Situations...

With this job you sometimes come in to situations, where you afterwards think, oef I wish I handled it in a different way. I have seen people, thought they were pregnant, had a big discussion about it with the crew to ask for a second opinion, and yes I have asked a non pregnant woman if she was pregnant. It's so hard to see sometimes if they have wide clothes on. And it is for us very important to know if somebody is pregnant or not, because you never know what might happen once we are in the air.

Especially in bc you need to think more about the things you can say or want to say, there is a big difference in that. Some male passengers cannot define the difference between being nice and being flirty. Most of the times it's not what you say but how you say it, and with a smile you can say a lot and they still would not have a clue if you're serious or not. I have had guys coming up to me and ask for my number, which is then pretty awkward, and what do you do? I used the boyfriend excuse a few times, then they told me oh tell your boyfriend he is a lucky man, then I thought of course I will tell him, once I actually have one haha! It's not good to lie, so sometimes I told them as well that I wasn't interested and that's not a good idea for me to give my contact details.

One time when I flew to Frankfurt, there was a happy couple sitting opposite of me during take off and landing. They told me they went to Mauritius together and had such a good time. Within 3 hours, from landing getting to the hotel and getting on the wifi, the guy has send me a message on Facebook! WHILE HE WAS WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND! How weird is it for this guy to really look at my name badge and look me up on Facebook and even dares to send me a message saying, next time you're in Frankfurt let me know and I can show you around! Well, how about no?!

But some awkward situations are quite funny afterwards. The other day I had a guy on board and I just recognized him, but I just could not place his face. So I went up to talk to him and I told him, I have seen your face before, but I just don't know where. Then he told me he was on a TLC program, so then I said, oh yeah that must be it, which show were you on? Where he responded, the undateables... OEPS! haha, undateables is a program about people who have a special disease or something in a way that it is hard for them to get a date. Only thing I could think of saying was, sooooooo did it work out? Because he did go on a date during that episode, haha. However, I felt a bit awkward, not knowing what to say haha! He was pretty chilled about it, thank god!

This morning I got in a strange situation, I went to Holland for a week for my holidays and last night I flew back. I was still so tired so before we even got a meal I think I slept for about 45/50 minutes. Then I had something to eat, brought my tray back to the galley so I could sleep more. While I was dreaming I felt something warm on my right upper leg, thinking it was just my phone which got warm because it was under my blanket and I was listening to music. But then I realized that my phone was in the seat pocket in front of me so it couldn't be my phone. While I was slowly waking up I looked down and I couldn't see anything on my blanket, then I realized that the guy next to me has put his hand underneath my blanket on my right upper leg!!!! And his leg was all at my side as well. Because I had the H seat, I was next to the aisle and I put up the arm rest so I could sleep against it with my pillow. My first reaction was OMG just happend?! I just pushed his hand away and hit his leg so that it went back to his side. How sick people can be. I went straight to the seniors on board, changed my seat, because obviously I didn't want to sit next to him anymore. So while I grabbed my stuff the purser went to talk to him in the galley in the front. Later then came to me to tell me what he said. He denied it, obviously, but they told me that while they were talking to him he was shaking so he knew exactly what was happening and they he would be on the radar now.

Definitely not a nice way to end my holiday... But everything is fine with, just scared me!

So I learned today first of all, not to sit next to a guy, unless he's good looking, wrap my blanket around me like a tortilla so that no hand can get onto my body,  and make photos if something like this happens again! Haha just kidding. Stuff like this happens... Just never thought it would happen to me. Anyway, it is a good story in the end...

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