zaterdag 20 augustus 2016

From Bangkok to Amsterdam, Osaka, Athens and Warsaw in 20 days..

What a few weeks it has been. Started this month in Bangkok, the flight was amazing, sometimes you fly with crew and it just works. We were joking around all the time and the atmosphere was just incredible. It's always to chill in Bangkok and lay down by the pool after a massage. I was so excited because after this flight I was going on holiday back in Holland, and I was so looking forward just to spend some time with my family and then go to Solar festival in the south with Evelien, who unfortunately resigned. The weather wasn't the greatest the first few days in Holland. Evelien and I were so lucky during the festival because the weather was absolutely amazing, just some sun and a nice wind once in a while. The festival itself was unbelievably good, the people were so nice, everybody was just having a good time. It was refreshing to spend more then 1 day in the Netherlands, and I forgot how chilled everybody always is. What happend on my flight back to the desert can be read in the previous blog, you need to read that one, you will be in shock!

After my holidays in holland I had to go back to work, it was good that this was a good flight, one I was trying to get already for 2.5 years, and now it was finally time for OSAKA, which is in Japan, for the people who don't know (don't be ashamed, I didn't know this place even existed before I started flying). There are so many Japanese speakers on this flight because not many Japanese speak English. The whole service is different as well, including the food. We actually serve real sushi on the flight, how crazy! Not that I like sushi, but in case somebody does. Once arrived at the hotel in Osaka we made dinner plans. We were with 3 from the cabin and then the flight deck, who went back to the hotel after dinner. The 3 of us decided to go to one bar one of them heard about. It's always those 'one bars' where you have the best night outs. We had so much fun, the music was incredible, people so nice and everybody was just dancing and having a good time. So we ended up getting back to the hotel pretty late, so much for planning a full day of sightseeing, not, I just couldn't.... So I stayed in Osaka and walked around there for a bit, before heading back to the hotel to sleep before my flight back.

We landed in the early morning, then I went to bed for 5 hours, I was so tired. Then my friend becky came over and we realized that we both had the next 3 days off together. And days off together most of the time means, GETAWAYYYY! We were looking around where we could go, somewhere not to far, still a nice destination and once we got there it had to be cheap! If we would have stayed in the desert we also would have spend money so we thought, why not go to Athens. It's only a 4 hour flight, we both never been and both interested enough to check out this European city. Within an hour we decided to go to Athens, and not short after that we booked our tickets for the next day, as if we booked a bus ticket. Becky and I were going to Athens!!! The flight going wasn't busy at all so we had the whole row for ourselves. We got to the hotel around 3pm, we changed and it was time to find out what there is to do and see in Athens. As we were walking to the city centre we could already see the Acropolis on top of a hill, and I must say, it just looked unreal. As if we were in a Hercules movie. We went from a nice terrace drinking a beer to this rooftop bar having a mojito. Time to go back to the hotel, have a shower, change and go back to the centre again for some dinner. As we were walking around we were just wondering around, seeing which places are nice to eat. Then we found this little street which was going up by stairs, and on the side people were sitting on a cushian having a drink and something to eat, it looked so cute, with all these plans going over the street as a roof. Just beautiful. We found a nice rooftop restaurant just below the Acropolis, it was dark by this time and it was an amazing view to look over Athens with all the lights and the mountains. But by the time we were finished we decided to have one last drink at another rooftop bar and then head to bed, because we were already awake for a long time, and we wanted to make the most out of the next day. We woke up around 9.30 and were on our way to the Acropolis around 11, the queue to get tickets was massive, but fast. We walked around the Acropolis for around an hour just being amazed that it was so old and still standing most of it at least. The city of Athens is such a nice city, busy but nice. So many good places to sit, have a drink and purely watch people. Becky found on trip advisor this Wine Deli Bar, it took us a while to find but it was definitely worth the wait. It was sooooo good, we could try 4 different types of white wine before we had to decide which we wanted to drink, then we ordered a plate with all different types of cheese, pastrami, fruit and different types of dressings. It was just perfect, the wine was amazing and in combination with this deli plate, just perfect! That night we were planning to find out how the party scene would be in Athens. And to be honest with you, it was nice but not like wow this is the best party city I have ever been. I'am sure there are clubs around, but most people were just chilling with a drink in their hands and did not even bother dancing. So then I asked a bartender where we could go for a dance, so we ended up at this really greek bar where people were dancing, winning! At one point we got so tired from walking in the sun all day, those wine, and then the cocktails, it was time for bed. The next day was already the day we were getting back home. It was a bit stressful for me if we would get on the flight, but we managed, woehoeee! Thank you Athens for your beauty, history, hospitality, lovely wine and the many restaurants and bars, we did not expect Athens to be this amazing. So definitely a recommendation here!

Today I'am in Warsaw in Poland. The flight was good, all my colleagues in business class are girls, so no drama haha! This city is surprisingly pretty cool as well. I'am sure I would enjoy this more if I wouldn't be this tired. Think I'am already awake for around 20/21 hours, and I cannot wait to go to bed! So I am going to sleep.. Good night everybody!

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