dinsdag 17 januari 2017

Bring it on 2017 !

We are already halfway January 2017 and I finally found the time to write a blog. I will first tell about my amazing Christmas in New York. That city, I don't know if everybody has it but there is just something about it, so lively and so incredibly free. It doesn't matter what you wear or do, New York accepts you. The flight over was a light load (for a change) so we could do everything in our own pace, there was no time pressure. We got to the hotel around midnight, and it was extremely busy, since we stay on Times Square, it took us ages to get to the hotel, and trust me, if you have to pee it feels way longer as well!!!

One of the girls and me decided to change and go straight to the Christmas tree at Rockefeller centre. While we were walking there it wasn't that busy anymore, and guess what, the light were OFF! We just flew about 13 hours all the way to New York, all we wanted to see was the Christmas tree with the lights ON! So as you can imagine we were a bit disappointed. The next day we decided to go to a musical, and the girl I was with really wanted to go to Aladdin, even though I have already been, I didn't mind to go again, so we did! After the musical we messaged the other girls to go to this rooftopbar I heard of. It was called 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar, and it was like in the movies, so incredibly stunning.

The best part of this rooftop bar was as well that there were some bathrobes you could wear to keep you warm, and they were bright red!

We had some food and of course some drinks as well, then it was time to find a secret bar. Back in the day it was not allowed to have bars in the States and New York, that's why they invented these 'secret' bars, and nowadays they are very popular and some are pretty hard to find as well. The secret bar we were trying to find was first used as a coffee shops (not the ones we know in Amsterdam, but one where you actually buy coffee), and then the bouncer was there to literally open the wall/door and there we were, in the middle of such a small and kinda like 'great gatsby style' with a live band and a singer who looked like Marilyn Monroe. We had another drink (shock) but at this point we were already pretty tired and we still had to go to the Christmas Tree at the Rockefeller centre, I was NOT leaving New York before I have seen this tree with the lights on!

I know it's a bit dark, but you have an idea what I meant !

And there it was, THE CHRISTMAS TREE !!!! When you walk there, with about thousand other people, you still feel like you're in a movie, and it's the best feeling. It all looked so unreal because it is the fact that you always saw the tree on the tv and in movies and now you see it in real life, which is a blessing, and I did have one of those happy moments again. New York just never gets bored, and deep down inside I still hope I might be living in it one day, no matter for how long, just being able to experience the whole New York vibe for either weeks, or months.

I think they call New York the city that never sleeps because for some reason I almost never sleep at all, and I am a good sleeper (especially with my own pillow), but New York just gets me too awake and too excited to be able to fall asleep with the fact that I am on Times Square in New York, hehe.

The best part of this trip is yet to come. I heard from my sister-in-law Nienke that they send something to the hotel, so while I was checking out I just went to the 'local' post office in the hotel to check if they had any mail for me, and the answer was yes!!! Now I was on my way back to the airport and I had 3 Christmas cards from my parents, Tim and Nienke, and Martijn and Saskia. This was the best Christmas present I could ever ask for, reading these sweet words from my family made me have some tears in my eyes, when they tell you how proud they are of what you have accomplished in life and how much they love you. This made me so happy and even more blessed with my family and hereby I want to thank Nienke (and Tim :P) for taking the iniative for sending me the cards and the cute earrings I got as well.

I could not do what I do without each and everyone of you.

All I want to say is that I am also super proud in what they are doing in life and for me to be able call them my family and be the little sister. A family wouldn't be a family without mom and dad.

That's it with being sentimental, but sometimes it is good to realize what you have and tell them how much you love the people around you, to tell them how much you appreciate all the things they do for, and probably will do in the future.

Here's to 2017 being an amazing year, lots of more travels, ticks of the bucket list, many more laughs, save some money (yes mom I am trying :P), to the wedding of the year of Martijn and Saskia, more adventures, and most of all more stories to tell and to share! I am ready for you 2017 !! <3

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