dinsdag 24 januari 2017

BKK, SYD, AKL and BNE trip !

Once I got my roster for January I saw I had the new trip on my roster. You start in Bangkok, then you stay there one day, then on to Sydney, stay there for one day, then on to Auckland, stay there one day and then to Brisbane, stay there for one day and then after that going back to Dubai.

I was leaving on the 18th of January and I just got back this morning on the 24th of January. The flight to Bangkok was completely full (like almost every sector), I knew that I had big plans on the other layovers so in Bangkok I just ordered room service, went to the pool and slept.

The flight to Sydney was 9 hours and we even had 1.20 hour rest on the flight. We got to the hotel in Sydney around 10.30/11.00 and the wake up call the next day was already 7.40. I thought it would be good to go in town and stay awake and then go to bed early and hopefully sleep a good and very long night. Once we got to town we went for lunch because we were all starving. We went to this place and the food was amazing!! I had steak AND ribs AND sweet potato fries and they were just all the best, just what you need after a long flight, some good food and a glass of wine.

Then I had to go UGGS shopping, and they were even on sale as well !! Afterwards I met up with the other crew at the Opera House, because you can't go to town and not just have a little look at the opera house, it's mandatory! Even though the chinese ruined my photo and I can't cut them off. I have some friends as well living in Sydney but I was just so tired that I wasn't able to see them this time.

One of the crew and me decided to then go back to the hotel, because we were so tired! Once back to the hotel I fell asleep at 6pm, woke up at 1am, and I was thinking, I better fall asleep again otherwise this will be a very very long day! And luckily I did, next time I woke up was with wake up call, so I had a good night sleep, and was going on to flight number 3!

Off to Auckland where I was meeting my Dutch friend from University. Juliette has been traveling through New Zealand with her boyfriend for over 10 months now, and I didn't see her for about 1.5 years. Then Marissa was in town as well, she left a week ago to go traveling through New Zealand as well, and what are the chances that I was going to Auckland as well, so luckily. The best part about my job is seeing my friends all over the world. We first went for dinner and had some bottles of wine, then we went to Danny Doollans. Danny Doollans is a bar where no matter what day of the week it is, there is always live music and all the crew always goes there as well, since we get discount. We just had the best night, and at one point I got a bit emotional that I was just so happy to be around them again after all these years. We were missing our fourth musketeer though, Hannie! But we forgive her that she couldn't make it to our reunion in New Zealand. A photo says more then a thousand words, and this one pretty sums up our night out. 

The next day I just chilled in bed all day and mentally preparing for the next flight to Brisbane, which was only going to be around 3 hours. 

Brisbane was going to our last layover, and by this time we were already on the move for about 6 days and we could all feel it, we were getting tired, but what to do. Because I also have a friend living in Brisbane. My friend Maki is my birthday twin, we have the same birthday and even the same birth year, so for the past two years we spent our birthdays together. The first year we went to Malta to celebrate and last year we went to Barcelona and Mallorca. She was picking me up from the hotel with her father, because she lives in the Gold Coast, which is about an hour from Brisbane city. Once we arrived at her parents place her mom started cooking for me, and it was just lovely. Maki is Japanese so you can imagine how good the food was her mom made for me, at one point she just started making some potato salad, she had chicken skewers with sweet chili sauce from the oven and some Japanese dish that I already forgot the name about, but it was good! The next day we woke up early to bring her mother to work and then we drove around the Gold Coast, had breakfast at Burleigh and chilled at Burleigh Hill, when then we moved to the beach just on the other side. By this time it was still cloudy and we were hoping the sun would come out at one point, and oh it did! It feels like I did botox on my forehead cause it just won't move, not that I know how botox feels like but I imagine if feels a bit like this haha! We even put factor 50 on us, but obviously not enough, so I am just moisturizing like there is no tomorrow. The Gold Coast is just BEAUTIFUL, the beaches are so white, the water so blue, the trees so green and the people so chilled !!! 

This was the view from Burleigh Hill, the town you see in the middle sort of is Surfer's Paradise.

And there is the sun !!!

Just felt like I was on holiday !! 

Maki !!! 

She brought me back to the hotel about 2.30 pm so I could still sleep a bit before the flight back to Dubai. Flight number 5 on day 7! The whole crew were so happy to be back in Dubai, including myself. It was an amazing trip, especially because I got to see my friends, but to tiring. It's now 7.40pm in Dubai and after I finish my blog I am going to sleep, not going to set my alarm and see what time I wake up tomorrow! 

Must give some credits as well to the crew I was flying with, we managed to do all these flight because we got on so well, and I truly hope that I might see some of them even after this trip. Having a laugh on the flights makes our job worth working for <3 ! 

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