dinsdag 4 april 2017

Nairobi - Kenya

So I was supposed to go to Paris, but somebody send me a swap for Nairobi. There is a Nairobi turnaround, which is REALLY long, but this was the layover, and I have never been to Kenya before. We were supposed to go with the family years ago but then the civil war was going on, so we couldn't go.

The flight itself was about 4 hours and 15 minutes, so you can imagine that we were very happy we didn't have to fly back that same day another 4 hours. Once we landed in Nairobi we were in the hotel around 10pm. Unfortunately the rooms weren't ready yet so we had to wait, the purser on our flight arranged that we could go to the restaurant in our uniforms and order from the menu, for FREE!

I arranged that we were going on a safari tour the next day and we got picked up at 7am. It was one of those days that you wake up and you completely forget where you are. I set about 5 alarms because I was NOT missing this safari. We were with 7 crew and everybody was in the lobby on time, surprise surprise (normally there is always 1 missing, and 1 overslept).

The national park we went to was only a 15 minute drive away from the hotel, so the park is basically surrounded by the city. As soon as we arrived in the park we saw animals everywhere. From zebra's, antelopes, buffalo's, and then at one point we saw a lioness chilling in the grass looking over at all the animals around her, but the most beautiful thing was that we saw giraffes on the horizon, we saw the long necks going up and down and walking, it was magical! When we drove just a little bit further we saw a rhino in the distance, a bit too far to take a photo, but it was pretty cool. Then we came at this small water place, where we saw crocodiles, hippos, many different birds and ducks, and then we looked up at this tree and we saw an eagle staring over the nature of Africa. what a life he has. We drove around for about 1.5/2 hours in the park, we also saw some white rhinos and more lions, but no action, unfortunately. But still very cool experience, just wish I could have done this with my family.

After the national park we went to the elephant orphanage, and we saw about 28 little elephants who are being raised without their mothers. While they were feeding them they also told us the stories behind these cute elephants, and it was literally heartbreaking, most mother elephants were killed by poachers, and they were left to starve. So sad, and they are just doing such a great job by feeding them en taking care of them. The tour guide lady even told us that they can't sleep alone and at night if they wake up, they check the bed above them, just so they know that their keeper is still with them, and if not, they will cry.... But seeing them so happy drinking the milk and playing with each other in the mud, was very nice to see and experience, even though they were even throwing with mud and I can't clean my shoes and shorts anymore, so I have to ask my mom if she can maybe work her magic.

During the feeding even a baby giraffe came and had a look around with the elephants, and I can she was very excited and kept running up and down, which resulted in a funny video.

After the elephant orphanage we went to the giraffe centre, and men those animals are hugeeeeeee! Beautiful but huge, they gave us small candy so they would come close.

One of the guys told me that if you would put this candy between your lips he would take it out of your mouth and it would look like the giraffe kissed you, and who am I to say no to a kiss from a giraffe. So I did, and apparently the giraffes slime is antiseptic, so it doesn't smell bad or anything.

   After the giraffe centre we went to a local souvenir shop, where I bought a key hanger from Kenya (shock), my collection is still extending! Afterwards we went to a fruit and vegetable shop and I got some mango's, avocado's and really nice grapefruits. Then back to the hotel to have a nap before the flight back to the desert. It was such an amazing experience seeing these animals in the wild and learning a lot about their lives on the African land. Makes me wanna see more of Africa, do a proper 4 day safari and ask for more African flights, because it is a beautiful continent and I finally start to appreciate it as well, and can recommend it to everybody!!!

This one if for Africa <3

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