dinsdag 28 maart 2017


Since a few months we started flying to Miami. And Miami is one of those destinations that EVERYBODY wants as well. I got one this months and I couldn't be more excited to go and explore Miami. The flight going was about 14 hours, and trust me that's a long time! Good thing we can sleep on long flights like these, everybody is always very curious how we manage our rest on board. On this flight it was about 4 hours rest, which is pretty good. We got to Miami at 11am and we were in the hotel around 12.30. One of the girls on my flight was my ex flatmate from my Sarab days, and one of our seniors called Sam was from the Netherlands, so we decided to rent a car the next day.

But on the first day Tonia and me decided to take an uber and go to South Beach to see what this is all about. It was also Springbreak, so it was packed on the beach. It all felt like we were in a movie, the police standing around just handing on their cars with the lights on, while people are just passing by the south beach trip in the weirdest clothes, either a bikini and heels on the streets or just the jeans completely open. I even asked the police guys if I could go on the photo with them, because they just looked so cool !!

We had dinner at this Italian place and stayed there just to watch people, with a cocktail bigger then my face. I couldn't finish the cocktail, especially after a 14 hour flight, and yes that is my excuse. The next we contacted the rental car guy and we got a Mustang convertible !!!!! And guess who was driving it... ME ME MEEEEE! It was amazing, hair in the air, the right type of music on and just driving around Florida to go to the Everglades.
We got on an airboat that took us around the mangroves, and we went soooooo fast, that we even had to hold ourselves for not falling of the boat.Then we went to another company where we saw some crocodiles passing the river, and they were BIG! It was just such an amazing day, and it even got better. Got back to the hotel, had about 40 minutes to get ready and head back to South Beach to explore some nightlife of Miami. My friend Anil landed that day in Miami and he has been many times so he was going to take me out. We went to this club called FDL at the Delano hotel, and it was super fancy. I ordered two drinks, and there I was standing with 30 dollars in my hand, and guess what she says, that 56 dollars please. I said, excuse me did you just say 56 dollars? Where she responded, yes, I am really sorry this place is very expensive... Awkward, with my 30 dollars in my hand. Oh well, at least we very much enjoyed that drink, and also the rest of the night. There were some dutch dj's playing and basically almost everybody was dutch in the club, so we could just speak dutch all night, afterwards we went to this club called Basement, and after that I was done, so tired !! Woke up at 6am that day and by this time it was 4am, Merel was out! I did NOT want to leave Miami, especially because Ultra Music Festival just started and I wanted to go, shock xD. But maybe it was for the best I left the next day. The way back the flight was an hour shorter, and so was the break, unfortunately. When I got home I just remembered everything that happened on this trip, and it almost felt like it didn't happen, like it was just a dream. But that only explains that it was amazing and it was so much fun.

Such an amazing trip, one I will be talking about for a very long time, and I have photo's to prove that everything did actually happen in 2.5 days. 

Thank you Miami, and thank you Anil for showing me around, I will be back one day :D 

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