zondag 23 december 2018

2018 Recap

2018 WOW, just one word, wow, life has strange ways of coming around eventually. And 2018 is not an exception either. It is fair to say that 2018 was a year of changes. I decided to leave the Dubai desert and change it for my home country and beautiful city Amsterdam. And now, almost 6 months later I think about this year with great ups but also some downs. Leaving the life behind that I knew for the past 4,5 years and heading towards an unknown future. 

At the beginning of this year I knew it would be my last few months in Dubai, and till this day I don't regret it at all. Instead I'm proud of myself for making the step to actually resign as a cabin crew for Emirates and start 'the rest of my life' in Amsterdam. Ofcourse I miss all the great people that still live in Dubai (you know who you are <3), and the great food as well. Would give anything for a good Pf Changs, Asia Asia, and Social House, yes people, still very food obsessed, and trust me this is not going to change anytime soon. Looking for new amazing places here in Amsterdam, so any recommendations are more then welcome!! 

If I can give one tip to anybody who is reading this (who still lives in Dubai and want to move back home), do this in summer. I promise you that has been the best decision of all. The days are long, the sun is out, people are happy and there is loads to do, and lots of partying involved as well. This summer felt like a movie, a great movie! I had the best summer anybody could ask for. For the ones who have me on instagram you all know what I am talking about. All I had to think about was either what time I was heading to the beach or what outfit I wanted to wear to all the festivals. Hard life, I know... It was good, real good, not having to care about anything but yourself for a few months, and I can tell you this, I have never slept so much in my life!!! Even thinking about it now, sleeping was priority number one. 

After 3 months living with my lovely parents it was time for another step, moving to Amsterdam. I had the absolute pleasure of staying with two friends of mine from university for about 2 months. They have a spare bedroom where I could stay to find a job and look for an apartment with my friend Hanneke. I can tell you this, it was not easy at all, but everything always works out in the end. Becauseeeeeeee, and I am very proud telling you this, we found an apartment, and it is absolutely gorgeous! Just renovated in a very nice neighborhood with lovely people. Even the main shopping street here is just adorable, with cute small shops and boutiques. 

I'am currently working at the Heineken Experience, showing tourists what a great brand Heineken is and how the company got to where it is nowadays, an international brand known by everybody! I go to work with a big smile on my face every day, even though the people I work with are a bit younger then me. I always get the question; what studies do you do now? any exams coming up? Where I do have to answer as; uhhhh kinda got my bachelor degree about 5 years ago, so no exams for me. And yes I know I look like 21, but nope I am 26 people. The vibe between colleagues is super chilled, everybody (except me and a few others) is a student and they just want to have a good time. So yes people, I am officially a Heineken beer drinker now, since about a month. "applause"

Oh, and before I forget, I bought an IKEA boxspring, and put it up MYSELF, ("applause 2.0") yes I don't need a man, just a lot of time.... hehe! Next up is my closet, but my very genius friend Manon is gonna help me with that. As long as you follow the steps everything will be fine.

2018 you have been so kind, tough, fearless, powerful, proud, happy, sad, exciting but most of all hopeful. Thank you for all the great lessons I learnt this year, will definitely think of you in 2019.
Things might not always work out how you think they will, but more importantly is that they will work out in the end, either way, only if that's the path you should be following. And have faith in it all as well, yes sometimes I do wonder what will happen in the future, but for now I am happy where I am, what I am doing, and the friends I have that are making my life so much more fun. 

This year will be the first time in 5 years that I get to spend Christmas at home with my familie. Nothing too exciting, just lots of food, drinks and presents at home, and I cannot wait!  

Super excited for what 2019 has to offer, but deep down inside I know 2019 is gonna be an even better year than 2018. I have more exciting news to tell but that has to wait just a tiny bit longer......

2019 I hope you're going to exceed expectations and make it the best, most beautiful, healthy, loving year I have ever had in my life. I will continue spreading the love over the world in a Merel way! 

Merry Christmas everyone and the best wishes for a wonderful 2019!

That all your dreams may come true <3 


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