zaterdag 9 maart 2019

Surprise trip Dubai/Seychelles

 As most of you know, my best friend called Wouter was still living in Dubai while I left. But about a month ago he was leaving the Dubai desert as well and changing it for the Belgium landscapes while in the future living in the most beautiful city in the world, Amsterdam. Yes you read this correctly, he is coming to Amsterdam, very soon now. Can't wait!!! However, let me start at the beginning......

In secret I booked a ticket to Dubai to surprise Wouter on his leaving boat party. He had NO clue. Everybody who was going to his boat party knew I was coming and I had a few partner in crimes who helped me (Beth, Amber and Estelle). Beth told Wouter her friend Tammy was coming, which was me, Amber went on the boat first and told Wouter to turn around and close his eyes, where Estelle and I came on board with the biggest suitcase you can image, and yes of course I went in that suitcase to then jump out of it 10 seconds later. He had no clue I few all the way to Dubai to surprise him, but man I am so happy I did. The look on his face was priceless!!!! We had an amazing boat party with lovely weather and the following days I went everywhere he went, as you do.

Thursday was the boat party, Friday we did a brunch and then afterwards I went to Blue Marlin, Saturday I was hangover as hell and that night we went to Mr. Miyagi's (again eating and drinking), on Sunday I went to Sho Cho's (typical Emirates place all crew go on a sunday night), and on Monday, Wouter's last night in Dubai, we did an evening brunch at Asia de Cuba, again with bubbles. As you can imagine, drinking 5 days in a row wasn't my cup of tea anymore, didn't train that much in Amsterdam. Okay, I also did see some other friends that didn't involve drinking, met beautiful Atlas boy from my dear friend Edgar and Annelien and went for lunch with Ays.

Since I was already in Dubai I figured, where else can I go.... How about the Seychelles? Only a 4 hour flight from Dubai. After such busy days I couldn't wait for some Me, Myself and I time. Just go to the beach and read a book or 5. So there I went, off to the Seychelles by myself.

I had the best time all alone, haha yes people you can enjoy a holiday by yourself. I even believe that everybody should go on a holiday just by themselves. Just thinking what YOU want to do, and just chill, that's all I needed and did. In total I went to the Seychelles for "only" 5 days, which was enough, because besides the most amazing beaches there is not that much to do. I read a book a day, went to many different beautiful beaches and didn't eat that much. First the food is really expensive and second there weren't really nice restaurants either, bummer...

Anse Keran

Anse Georgette
Anse Source d'Argent
Anse Cocos

Honestly photos don't do justice for these beautiful beaches. One day I will be back, but with a lover, because let's be honest there's only couples (honeymooners) in the Seychelles. I went 2 nights to Praslin Island, which is an hour ferry ride from the mainland Mahe, then I took another ferry to La Digue (15 min) where I stayed another 2 nights. La Digue was the best if you ask me. You can just bike around and go from beach to beach. One beach is even more beautiful than the other. The second last day in La Digue I was the first person to arrive at Anse Cocos, since it is a little hike from the bigger beach called Anse Grande. I can see you all wonder how did I manage so many photos with me in it while I'am traveling by myself. Well, first, very happy because of 'self-timer' and second not having the shame to ask people if they can take a photo of you. A few people even took photos of me without asking and then they approached me to give my email so they can send the photos, well THANK YOUUUUU! 

On my way back to Amsterdam I had another stop in Dubai of 2 days, just to see the people that I didn't see the first few days. While landing back in Dubai I did realize that that place used to be my home for more then 4 years, but with all my heart I had an amazing time, but now my heart lays in Amsterdam. 

Two weeks holiday was enough to get excited again to go back home to our amazing apartment (living together with my friend Hanneke), my bike, my nephew Mats, and of course Amsterdam. Gosh, I love that city more and more every day! Yes that's news as well, I am officially an auntie, my brother and sister-in-law gave birth to a beautiful baby boy called Mats on the 18th of January, and he is the cutest ever!!!!!  

I finished my work at the Heineken Experience, had the best time there and met the most amazing people, whom I will hopefully keep seeing in the future. But now I can tell it to everyone, I have started my training with KLM, the Royal Dutch Airline. Blue is the new black!! This is me with my friend Nienke who's in my training group. Week 1 is done, passed the first tests and 3 more weeks to go. Yes it is different then EK, but in a dutch way is better to say it, and besides, blue looks better on my as well! Can't wait to start flying again and travel the world!! Waited so long for this moment to arrive and now it's finally reality! 

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