maandag 1 juli 2019

One year back!

Today marks the day that I have been back for already exactly 1 year. How time flies, literally. Thinking about all the things I did in the past year and where I am now gives me a big smile on my face. I did it! I got my dream job! It was a busy year, from doing nothing the first 3 months (okay I did go to a lot of festivals), then went to New Zealand with Wouter, worked in a classy fish restaurant for a month, to then working 3 months for the Heineken Experience, which was a complete experience, as if I was back studying, even though I got my bachelor degree 5 years ago, haha. And not to forget my little trip to Dubai and the Seychelles. To now already working 3 months for the best employer in the Netherlands (no joke, KLM is the best employer in the Netherlands).

I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart that I never felt this good in my life. I just turned 27, have an amazing apartment with a very good friend and I love my job. Life is good, very good. Amsterdam is the best, always something to do and if you don't want to do anything it's fine as well. My bike got stolen last week by the government because of wrongly parking, but if you pay 22.50 euro you can get your bike back. Not having a bike in Amsterdam is just simply not possible. I love how this city accepts everybody, nothing is too crazy and it's simply - in my opinion - the most beautiful city in the world. Being in 70 countries I think I got a good impression of other cities around the world. Every time I have to go somewhere with my bike (if the government doesn't take it) I still look around and appreciate the beautiful canals and their gorgeous houses.

and the festivals are the best here!

This Thursday will be going on another great trip, Wouter and I are going to Vancouver, yes for work people! First time we will be flying together in our KLM uniform, sorry not sorry for the spam that will be heading your way. So excited to explore yet another new city. I have heard that it's whale season as well, so hopefully we will see some.

Reminiscing about this day last year I still remember how I felt. I didn't cry that whole last week in Dubai, not that I don't have any emotions but I think my body just couldn't handle it. So instead I had stomach pain for about a week. Until the moment I arrived at the airport and my friend Ays gave me a hug and said in Dutch: you take care of yourself girl. BAM tears all the way to back Amsterdam. Then watching a sad movie, which didn't help either, that the guy next to me on the flight was asking if I was okay. I was not, but had to let them go, and after 3 gin&tonics I was doing better.

mom and dad

Once arrived in Amsterdam I had to wait for ages for my suitcases and there they were, my dear family, all waiting for me, and yes again crying! Meant so much for me they were there waiting for me. They always support me and come and visit me all over the world. My mom has been to Dubai 9 times, dad's been 8 times, my brothers surprised my once at Frankfurt, mom and dad came to Paris a few times. Six months before I left, both my brothers with their wives all came to Dubai, such a special moment.
my family <3 

Some people ask me if I regret leaving Dubai and Emirates. With every single bone in my body I am super grateful I got to experience 4.5 years of Dubai and Emirates but it was enough. Time for another chapter in my life, in a city that I know, with my own crazy dutch people. And it has been the best experience yet! Here's to many great years of happy flying with KLM.

People be grateful for what you have and cherish the little things in life. They are much more valuable having all the money in the world.

May I introduce you the newest member of the family Loomans: Mats. My nephew of 5.5 months old! Isn't he the cutest little boy ever? I'am not the biggest fan of children, especially when they are annoying and rude (the job to blame for this one, seen it all on the plane). But this is different, my own brother is now a father, so strange. Cannot describe how special it feels to hold a new generation in my arms, I will spoil this little boy and can't wait to take him on one of my flights later when he's old enough. Cool auntie Bep is my new name! <3

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