donderdag 5 september 2019

Bye Summer, Hello Autumn

My second summer in the Netherlands, and it has been a good one! Been to multiple festivals in Amsterdam, and not to forget I did go to Tomorrowland again. This time not a whole weekend but just the pre-party at the camping and the first day of the first weekend with my friend Yolanda. It has been her dream to go to Tomorrowland for years and my friend Koen still had one ticket left. So he made Yolanda a very happy girl. Festival season started with a few Festimi festivals on sundays. Been to a Thuishaven party and went to De Zon festival. De Zon festival was at the NDSM-wharf, which is a rural area just above the river in Amsterdam. It was also my best friends birthday so we had a great time, with lovely weather.

TML '19 with Yolanda

Believe it or not, but in between I was flying as well. Been already to so many amazing places with KLM. I'am already flying for 5 months, and it has been my best decision ever. My colleagues are amazing, the company is the best to work for and get to see amazing cities, where I can actually have time to see and do things. With EK we only had 24 hours at most destinations, but not the KLM! It is great to see that if you work with people that speak your language, have the same norms and values you work in a better way. You work for each other and with each other.
Lifting the plane in Venice
Flew my own plane again

A few weeks ago I did a 7 day trip to Kuala Lumpur. I mean 7 days, for real! The best thing was that I was flying with 2 new friends of mine.
Marissa, me and Karlien

Actually funny story. About 2 months ago I was on reserve and they called me, I had to fly to Atlanta, so there I went. On my flight was a girl around my age, but I didn't really talk to her since she was working in the back and I was working in the front. Anyway long story short, on our way back to the crew centre in Amsterdam we started talking and she mentioned this party called 'United for Stripes', which was held in 2 days in Bloemendaal. Of course, I would be me if I didn't invite myself to this party. Karlien also invited two friends of her Marissa and Kurtine. So there we went off to Bloemendaal for an airline party and we had so much fun. And from that day on we have been friends, going to drinks together in Amsterdam or go to KLM gatherings. When I went to Kuala Lumpur I flew with Karlien and Marissa and we had an amazing few days in KL, didn't really do much sightseeing but we experienced KL nightlife to its fullest (4 nights). In the middle we also had to do a shuttle to Jakarta. You fly to KL, off for 2 days, then do the shuttle and then off again for 2 days before heading back to Amsterdam. PERFECT!

It's funny how small events and decision make such a big impact on your life. I mean I know these girls for 2 months now and it feels like I know them for years. They live in Amsterdan and Kurtine lives in Rotterdam, we are all single and ready to mingle. It is nice to have people living in the same city who also have days off during the week and want to hang out and do things. I know a lot of people but not so many who want to go out on a monday or tuesday, since sometimes I don't have weekend on saturday and sunday.

The party of the year is this saturday. It's a ball from the union of the pilots. The union holds a ball every 5 years, however you can't just buy tickets. You need to be part of this union and then you can bring a +1 (like a date). This year it is in a very iconic building in Amsterdam, at the Concert Building near Museumsquare. Once we heard about this ball we did every possible thing to get invited by a pilot to be somebody's date. And guess what, it worked. I'am going on a blind date with a guy named Daniel and Karlien is going with one of his friends. Can you imagine so many pilots in their suits, it's like a dream come true haha! Can't wait till it's saturday. Got a beautiful long black dress and golden statement earrings. Need to look at my very best. Photos will follow on my next blog!

It's the 5th of September today and most likely it won't be summer weather again for a long time. But it's fine, will just ask for warm destinations to keep my tan game on point. But not gonna lie I'am looking forward to wearing boots, big sweaters and cosy nights on the couch chilling.

A few weeks ago my father turned 60! Sounds so old but he doesn't look like it or feels like it, which is a good thing. We had a big bbq party in the garden, and we even performed a song specially made for my dad about my dad. As a gift I told him that he can come on one of my flights, I will pay the ticket for him and he will pay the rest. He wants to go to Buenos Aires. Can't wait to take him on my flight and enjoy Buenos Aires together, drink a lot of red wine and eat steak!
handsome daddy
And not to forget my cute nephew

This summer made me realize how happy I am to be back, back in the Netherlands, back with my dear family and back with my friends. They mean everything to me. Super grateful for the experience I have had in Dubai and to work for Emirates but extremely happy to be back home. As if there is some sort of peace, not having to worry about what is next, who is next and where will I see my future. It is here, right here in the Netherlands, and for now I call Amsterdam my home. But who knows what the future brings, but for now I'am the happiest I have ever been. Grateful to be able to spend time with my family and be there for them. Life is full of moments, you decide how you fill these. I will fill them with joy, happiness and laughter. 


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