vrijdag 20 maart 2020

Be positive, Stay positive

Normally I write a blog about my recent adventures from the last few months. But with these recent developments all you hear is corona this, corona that. I want to speak my mind here with you, and help you to see everything in perspective and mostly to be positive and stay positive. You can't switch on the tv without hearing news about this horrible virus, facebook is full of stay at home workout videos or people singing from their balconies in countries that are under full lockdown. I completely understand that this is the world we live in now, but please people don't let the media influence you too much. Stay positive. Yes, it is unbelievable the world we live in and we should not underestimate the seriousness of this case, and we basically don't have a social life for a few weeks (hopefully). But, use this time to hit the reset button, take this time to clean out your closet, read the book you already want to read for a long time, drink loads of water, eat healthy (take extra vitamines) and go outside for a run so you can get some fresh air. Time to focus on you, and help where you can.

I was supposed to have 2 weeks of holidays and I would visit my dear friend Maki at the Gold Coast and meet other friends in Brisbane. As you might suspect, I am still at home. If I would have left for Australia I would not be able to get back. Also my year contract was in the proces of being extended, however, during these unforeseen circumstances KLM could terminate my contract. But, I heard yesterday that they are going to extend my contract, even now. So you can imagine I was a very happy girl yesterday. The next few months will be hard for the airline industry. Seeing our CEO on the tv a few times in the past weeks and being powerful in this statements and willing to work to overcome this crisis with his help, I tell you, he has the whole company (33.000 employees) behind him. One by one who are all ready to do everything in their power to survive this horrible crisis. I am super proud to be part of this incredible blue family KLM.

Be grateful what you have people. I am grateful to be living together with somebody. Hanneke has to work from home, but we keep each other company. I am a good wifey, she's working while I clean the windows, I start cooking when she's almost finished with her work. Bring her tea. Or maybe I am too single, you chose haha! What else do I do all day I can hear you wondering. I don't set an alarm, and every day I wake up around 8/8.30, then I put on my gym outfit and go for a run in the park, or I find one of those outdoors boxing areas where you box outside for free. When I come back I make breakfast with a fresh grapefruit and some yoghurt. Then the rest of the day is either organizing my closet, clean the windows, bathroom, living room, bedroom. And of course I also watch some Netflix or in my case also Disney+ (Frozen 2 is online and it's amazing).

Then on a positive note.
The last few weeks/months have been extremely busy, but only with fun stuff. At the beginning of January I had a 9 day trip to Singapore with my friend Karlien. The last time we were in Singapore it was insane with all the partying, so this time we said, we are going to relax, sleep, eat healthy and do some sports. Surprise surprise, we didn't even drink in those days.

Once back in Amsterdam Hanneke and I were organizing late New Years drinks party at our place. Our first party in our apartment in Amsterdam, it was a big succes so once this whole thing is blown over and we can go back to normal life we will definitely organize another party.

On the 18th of January it was the first birthday of my cute little nephew. Can't believe he's already 1 year, time flies and he grows like there is no tomorrow. He will be my length when he's 10 years old.

My friend Florien was coming with me on a 7 day Buenos Aires trip, the first time I took somebody with me on the flight. It's so much fun if you bring somebody on your flight that you know! The weather was amazing and Flo used to live in Buenos Aires, so she was over the moon being back after 2 years and seeing all her friends. For once I didn't have to think where to go and what to do, Flo knows the city, perfect!
After Buenos Aires I was catching a plane straight away to go to Dubai for a week on my holidays! As some of you might have seen on instagram I was staying with my dear friend Koen and his brother Kristof, and they are living in the Burj Khalifa. You know, the largest tower in the world. Not going to lie, when I grabbed a taxi at the airport and he asked me where to go, I couldn't wait to tell him Burj Khalifa Residences. Something I already wanted to say for all the years I was actually living in Dubai, and now when I'am not living there anymore I could finally say it. I felt cool (sorry not sorry), who wouldn't feel cool if they could stay in the Burj. Anyway, long story short I went out almost everyday and saw most of my friends. Dubai feels comfortable, but it doesn't feel like home anymore. I feel extremely grateful for the whole Dubai experience and meeting so many amazing people from all over the world and seeing so many places. But now, after almost 2 years being back, it feels like a bubble, almost like a dream. And now I am super happy being back in the Netherlands, and live in the best city in the world; Amsterdam.
After Dubai I was home for a day before taking the bus to Austria and go snowboarding for a week with the girls. I know these girls for around 10 years, some of us thought this would be a relaxing trip with not too much alcohol. Well, that didn't work out. From the 8 nights we were in Flachau we went out 6 of them. We laughed so much we almost cried, and we made so many memories to last a few years, and talk about forever. 

While writing all of this on my couch (since I can't go anywhere) I feel so happy and blessed to have had a great start of 2020 with amazing people around me. So when you feel a bit down, sad or even a bit lonely, think about the great memories you have created recently. I honestly believe we all get through this and become stronger persons and even a stronger nation. We will survive this, but now we are forced to take a break from it all and stand still for a moment. My last flight was to Japan and I was talking to the Japanese crew about the Japanese traditions and cultures. I read a book the other day and I would recommend it to everybody, especially now. It is called 'Ichigo-Ichie', about that every moment in your life is unique, and that it is very important to cherish all those moments. Especially in times like these, it doesn't cost you anything to be nice to each other, and we all need a little bit of all the kindness in the world. We should take care of each other to make this world a better one. Mother nature has spoken and has hit the pause button. Every disadvantage will have advantages as well, see the positives in this situation. Parents have more time now to reconnect with their children, if you go outside you see people running in the park and enjoying the fresh air and nature around them, the other day we all started clapping at 20.00 for the people that work in health care, this morning at 8.45 the same song was played 'You will never walk alone' at more then 190 radio stations. See what something bad is turning people into doing something good. Let's restore the balans, take care of each other, and people Buy Flowers Not Toiletpaper! <3

- Ichigo-Ichie -

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  1. Hi naamgenoot Merel,

    Ik heb met veel interesse jouw blog gelezen op rugzakvolreizen.nl.
    Hopelijk vertrek ik binnenkort naar Dubai, de Engelse test heb ik afgerond en gehaald.

    Ik ben gewoon wel heel benieuwd naar een paar dingen:

    - Hoe is het leven in Dubai
    - Hoe zag jouw leven eruit als je vrij was en niet hoefte te vliegen
    - Kom je gemakkelijk rond van het salaris dat je krijgt

    Heb je nog tips voor het verdere verloop van mijn sollicitatie procedure?

    Groetjes Merel