vrijdag 2 juli 2021

My love story

How time flies when you're having fun! And no, I wasn't living under a rock the past year. I experienced the pandemic like everybody else. Feeling unsure about my job, my loved ones, it the world going to be a normal place again, when will this be over? Overall, it was a busy year. But it was also a year that I fell in love, head over heels. I have been on many dates, trust me, always putting myself out there, getting the perfect wine for a picknick in the park, outfit-stress for somebody that wasn't even worth it, and not to forget all the guys that ghosted me, yes people that's a thing. It means that guys pretend to like you and message you and then all of a sudden POEF gone with the wind. Leaving you behind not knowing why they did that. And what was I looking for? To be honest, I probably didn't even know it at that time. Until, for some reason, I met Pieter. There were so many reason why we shouldn't have met, but we did. I have to give some credits here to my friend Sara, she pushed me to download this dating app, again. When you're in one of those phases that you download it, on it for 2/3 weeks and then delete it again. She said, come on, just download it, there are some nice guys on it. After 1 hour she asked me again, and did you download it?! So I basically had no reason not to do it. And there he was, this guy with a big smile on his face, he gave me one as well. So, I did what I had to do, I swipped right, and we were a match the next day. However, with this app (Bumble) it is the woman who need to send the first message within 24 hours of the match, if not, match is gone. If the guy doesn't reply within 24 hours of your message, the match is gone. We matched on a Tuesday, just by saying: Hi Pieter, how are you doing? Where he responded: Hi Merel, how cool we are a match, how are we going to celebrate? I thought, nice one, 10 points for this guy. And so it happened that we met the next day in this bar in Amsterdam, close to my place (a good thing when you set your radar maximum 5 km away). I had zero expectations and I thought, there's probably something about this one as well, or he doesn't even look like his photo. Wrong, he turned out to be exactly everything I was looking for, charming, amazing smile, humor, handsome, seen the world, but most of all, he looks at me as if I'am the most beautiful girl in this world. I feel blessed to be raised by that example, and that's all I wanted in a guy and he gives me that. I am head over heels, even my Louboutins don't even come close. Since I never had a boyfriend I didn't know what I was missing, and it's great. He's my go-to for everything, we laugh, we cry, we make an effort for each other and just like to spend time together. He makes me a very happy woman, and hopefully I will make him a very happy man. And yes peeps, I have some news as well. We are going to live together, I'am moving in!!!! So excited for this new phase in our lives, and more news to come as well. Going to KLM Cityhopper for the next year. They need people and KLM have too many, so it's a logic choice, even-though it wasn't mine to choose, but it's going to be an adventure and now I'am very excited what this new year is going to bring. I can't believe it's been 3 years since I left Emirates. Sometimes I think about my time in Dubai and I think, did this really happen? Did I really just left home at 21 and live in Dubai for 4.5 years. What were my parents thinking? So much respect for them, just to let me go. Not to forget, I left for a reason as well, and I'am happy I did. Look at me now, 3 years later, moving in with the man I love, heading for new adventures at Cityhopper, and most of all, going to enjoy my last year in my twenties, believe it or not, I turned 29 a few weeks ago!! All I can say, the hangovers are not getting easier! 

Here's to love, because what would we do without it! <3     

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