donderdag 30 december 2021

2021 you were gentle, 2022 you will be wonderful!

And just like that it's almost the last day of 2021, traditionally I write a blog about the past year. It has been a hell of a ride. A year of ups, but also some downs. Work wise things have changed. From long layovers in the Caribbean to short overnights in Europe. From flights of 10/12 hours to flights of 20 minutes, and yes people those flights exist. I did a flight the other day from Amsterdam to Brussels and it took us only 20 minutes to get there. During those 20 minutes you still have to do service, but with Emirates in the back of my mind, doing a service in 20 minutes for a maximum of 88 people is a piece of cake for an allrounder stewardess like me. Doing a service in 40 minutes in a full economy class on the A380 (427 passengers), that was a challenge. 

I am now flying for around 3.5 months with KLM Cityhopper, and as explained in my previous blog this was due to the Coronavirus. Not going to lie, it is hard, harder than I thought. You can do a maximum of 4 flights a day and sometimes your day starts 6am and sometimes your day starts at 3pm. So you can imagine when you start at 3pm and then have to do 4 flights, you reach the hotel around 11/12ish at night. For me, personally, I prefer the early morning flights. Passengers are still a bit tired, only want tea or coffee and sleep. Whereas in the night, passengers think they are in the bar and all they want is to drink alcohol and eat. Of course, keep in mind that with the whole face mask world nowadays it is also more of an issue at night. The amount of times passengers are trying to go in discussion with me why they cannot wear a face mask is ridiculous. I have seen it all, from grown up man licking a lolly, to people saying they can't breathe, well, welcome to my life, was my reaction, haha. 

On my first day at Cityhopper we already had to arrest somebody for not wearing his face mask and then going off at my colleague shouting her to f*ck off. As soon as we landed into Amsterdam the marechaussee was waiting for him to take him off the plane, and hopefully he will be put on the No Fly- list for the next 5 years with KLM and partners. I understand we are in a difficult situation but that is no reason to act like a child on the plane. Even for myself, and I am sure I speak for everybody who has to work with a face mask, we do not like it either. But if that's the way for us to be able to travel, you sit down, put your face mask on and don't give the crew a hard time. If you don't want to be on the plane, rent a car and drive to your destination. No mercy for no face mask people for me on the plane anymore. What you do at home I don't care but when you pay for your ticket you agree to comply with the cabin crew rules, and if you don't follow them you are not flying, easy as that.  On the other hand I have seen passenger whom gave us chocolates because they respect our hard job we have to do these days, and they are so extremely happy to be able to see friends and family again after 2/3 years. The next 8.5 months are going to be tough, but I will manage, try to go to the gym more en route, eat healthier on the plane and have a holiday after every 2/3 months. That's the game plan. Because I fly so much now, I hardly see Pieter and that I don't like. Good thing it is only temporarily. 

At the beginning of 2021 I managed to have a little getaway to Bonaire to visit my friend Valerie who was working there at the time. It was so nice to feel the warmth on my body, read some books and study some Spanish. I even passed my KLM Spanish exam, and I am so proud of myself. With only 2/2.5 months of lessons, I studied hard for my oral exam, and pff you can get a lot of questions in 45 minutes! It took forever, but I did it! 

My birthday bash this year was AMAZING! Got to spend it with my lovely friends and family. The day after was probably the hardest day of 2021 as well. The hangover was insane and all I could do was watch a Disney movie. 

Pieter and I also went to Marbella again this year and it was beautiful, some days together and then some days filled with friends. We even played golf (yes I got my VGB this year too), went to Rhonda, the beach, Puerto Banos and many more. 

But the biggest change in 2021 was me moving in with Pieter! We changed the whole house and even painted the walls. It looks so cosy and homey now, I love it. And the best part is, Pieter is here too! It feels so natural to be living together, and of course sometimes we don't agree (mostly who gets to most food xD) but in the end he is the love of my life and I can't wait what the future holds for us. I hope more fun, joy and laughter and of course that we also stay healthy, we (he is) going on a diet on the 2nd of January. Many exciting things ahead for us in 2022. And if I learned one thing during this whole pandemic, don't look at the things you can't do, but look at the things you can do. Joy is in the little things in life, seeing my nephew grow up is one of those priceless things, soon he will get a little brother or sister, so excited! Keep you posted! 

I wish everybody an amazing New Years Eve with loads of champagne, music and laughter. May all of your dreams come true in 2022. <3          

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