maandag 22 februari 2016

Hello, it's Mez...

My first English blog!! I have been writing a Dutch blog for around 2 years now, and I thought it would be time to start one in English, so more people can enjoy my stories. For the people that don't know me, my name is Merel (originally Dutch, obviously, otherwise I could not write one), 23 years old, living and working in Dubai (UAE). I work for an airline called Emirates, which I am sure everybody knows. Because, Emirates is everywhere, they support the football, golf, cricket, rugby and many many more sports and events. 

Why Mez do I hear you thinking, and to be honest, I don't really know actually. When I met my first friends here in the desert they just gave me the nickname Mez, which is easier to say then Merel, since Merel is pronounced differently in Dutch then in English.. And since then I kinda accept being Mez, sounds nice, and easier to say as well, because most of the times they compare my name with Meryl Streep's one.. Same same, but different..... 

The reason why I write blogs is very simple, I just love to write. I'am one of those people who still keeps an actual diary next to her bed (with pen). I guess when I write I can express myself in another way then with talking, which I love as well haha. If I have a busy day or something happend, I prefer to write it on paper, or in a blog in this case, so I can write it off my mind and that way it makes me feel better. I honestly hope you enjoy reading my blog as I enjoy writing it. I will be writing about literally everything, about destinations mostly, things that happen on flights, and sometimes I will take a dutch blog and translate these sometimes amazing stories, who will give you a smile on your face (I hope).

I just realized that I flew to 99 destinations, in other words, I checked in 99 hotel rooms, got my little enveloppe 99 times, had to pack my bag 99 times, unpack my bag 99 times, slept in 99 different beds, collected 99 crew tags (some destinations are the same), tried to figure out how the lamps go off 99 times (which sometimes can take up to a long times because there are so many buttons), and not to forget, brought my own pillow to 99 destinations (nothing beats your own!). 

Can't believe I have been on 99 layovers, the end of this week, the 28th, it will be exactly 2 years that I swapped my lovely Holland for Dubai.... Literally time flies when you're having fun, and oh what are we having fun!! 
                                  This was me on the 28th of February 2014. MOVING TO DUBAI!

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