maandag 29 februari 2016

New York City

There are a few places in this world, where I dreamt of going since I was a little girl. New York, the city you always see in the movies, and got to know from Gossip Girl. I couldn't wait to see myself walking on the street of the city that never sleeps.

My mom and aunt came over to Dubai for a week of sun in November. It was so nice having them with me in Dubai and in my new apartment. I used to live in the desert, with nothing around me. You would open the curtains and all you could see was sand, I'am not even kidding. So when I moved to Downtown Dubai my life has changed so much. I can walk to Dubai Mall, metro station is just around the corner, and you're just more in the middle of everything. Now I really feel like living in Dubai on the 36t floor watching over Sheikh Zayed Road (7 lane highway).

The ladies would leave again on the 16th. I had 5/6 days off at that time, and I was thinking, where can I go?! Then New York popped in my head, a city I have never been, but always wanted to go... So I decided to go to the Big Apple, with me, myself and I... Tickets are cheap, and I found out that one of my friends was operating the flight to NYC, so that was the sign, I AM GOING TO NEW YORK!

WHAT a city, so much to take in as well. The flight to New York was long, but good. I had a whole row for myself, two baileys and Mez is asleep ! Even when you bring your own pillow, the flight is even better! We arrived around 9pm, immigration took ages but I was out together with the crew. My friend asked the pilots if I could join them in the bus to the hotel, which saves me money and time, since I was staying with my friend in the hotel for the next 2 days! The best part was that the hotel is literally ON Times Square! So sweet I could stay with her for the first two days, which saved me a lot of money as well. Once we got to the room we changed quickly because we were so hungry! We had some food and wine at some small bar near the hotel, then we had a little stroll on Times Square, but it was late already so it was pretty quiet. We had to go to bed soon as well, we were planning on doing a lot of sightseeing the next day with some of the other crew. I woke up around 4.45, being super excited and happy and probably jet lagged as well, ready for the day to go sightseeing, finally! Like a kid in a candy store. Most people know New York from the many movies and series, but once you're actually there is very different and the same at the same time. First thing we had on our list was the statue of Liberty. You can see it with a boat tour, we booked it for 10am, and the weather was absolutely beautiful and perfect to be on a boat, still a bit chilly but it was fine. From the boat we also saw the Brooklyn Bridge, when we crossed the Statue of Liberty, me and I think everybody else realized that it is pretty small. From all the movies it always looks so massive, but in real life, not that much. Still cool to see though. Just next to the Pier where we got the boat there was a small cute restaurant. It was one of those moments you just need to sit down, enjoy the sun and have an alcoholic beverage. Cocktail time at 11.45, but, my dad always told me 'somewhere in the world it is 5 o clock', and it tasted like it was 5pm, haha. After our drinks we walked down to Ground Zero, which was very impressive. I would come back later in the week when the girls would have left, because I wanted to go to the Memorial Museum. But that day we left to go back to the hotel to have some lunch and a little afternoon nap, since some of us were up pretty early. We planned to go to the Rockefeller Centre, where you have a beautiful view over the Empire State Building, Manhattan in total and Central Park. The sunset was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Since the sun went down it became a bit cold as well, so we left to walk around Central Park. I just wanted to see the iceskating, because they always show you that in the movies as well. And again, smaller then expected. Still stunning though, someday I will go back to go iceskating, but then with somebody...

That night we went for dinner with the girls (4 in total) in the Meatpacking District. Everybody who has been before told me to go there for a night out. We had dinner at the Sugar Factory, apparently some famous restaurant as well, we didn't know until we saw the wall with all the celebrities. Their cocktails were amazing. Two of the girls went back to the hotel, and me and one of the others wanted to stay a little bit longer to see what this Meatpacking District is all about. We heard about this place called Provocateur, but once we arrived at the door they wanted to charge us 300 dollars for entrance, we were definitely not anymore in Dubai where entrance is always free. Obviously we didn't go inside, then on the way back to Sugar Factory we met these two men, who have been in New York for a while and they wanted to take us to this Rooftop Bar, so we went. Glad we did, because from there we could the whole skyline of Manhattan. After the Rooftop Bar, can't remember the name, we walked down the street to 1 OAK, since we just wanted to go for a little dance before we went back to the hotel. Around 2am we decided to go back to the hotel.

Wednesday morning my friend and I went for a little walk in Central Park, and again the weather was so lovely, not cold at all. She had to get back to the hotel to get ready for her flight back to Dubai, since she was in New York for work and I was there for my holidays. When all the crew left and we said our goodbyes I went to the hostel I booked, the jetlag was still there so I had a nap first. That night I decided to go to a Broadway show, somebody told me that Aladdin was playing, and since I absolutely love Aladdin, my decision was made very easily. It was so beautiful, the actors were amazing, loved all the songs, and had a little tear over 'A Whole New World', I know, such a girl !

Thursday was my last full day in New York and this time the weather wasn't that great at all. So I went to Wall Street and from there I walked to Ground Zero again, to go to the Memorial Museum. If you ever go to New York and want to go to this museum, don't go alone. It did have a lot of impact on me, and even at one point I just had to get out of there, I felt so sad. We have no idea what New York went through that day, it's honestly horrible, no other words to describe. After the museum I went to Soho, the cool and populair place, with little boutiques and cute bars in basements. Of course I could not go to Grand Central Station as gossip girl fan. And I was impressed by Grand Central Station, it's honestly stunning. I must say, when I was in New York it was just after the whole Paris attacks, so the security everywhere was really high, men with guns everywhere. New York was probably once of the safest places to be at that time. That night I went for dinner with friends of my friend Yvette. I met Yvette when I went to Milan for my thesis, and she used to live in NYC, when I decided to go I messaged her if she would still be around. Unfortunately she moved back to Boston, but her friends Will and Ricky were happy to take me for dinner. The restaurant where I was supposed to meet them was just close by Grand Central Station, it was pouring rain at that time. Too dutch to buy an umbrella I hold my scarf over my head, which got wet at some point, so I took shelter close to the buildings for a minute. Then I had a movie moment. This guys stops right in front of me, with an umbrella (a real gentlemen umbrella, not one of those I<3NY ones), wearing a very nice suit. He looked at me and he asked me, where do you need to go? Me, trying to be cool, said, just a few blocks that way. Then he said, I can take you, heading that way anyway. Which I obviously could not refuse!!! So we shared an umbrella for around 5 minutes, and he asked me till when I was staying in New York. I had to answer that I was leaving the next day, and I could see the disappointment in his face (just to make the story better as well). He left me in front of the restaurant, and I knew I would never ever see this person ever again. Still a pretty New York moment if you ask me. The guys were so nice as well, and we had a lovely Mexican dinner in the states.

Friday was my last day in the United States of America, and I didn't want to waste any moment. Wake up early and packed my bags because my flight was later that day. The girls in the hostel must have thought, what is that for traveller?! I was just very prepared, had my own blanket, own pillow (again), eyeshades and earplugs... I had only two more things on my list, walking over the Brooklyn Bridge and biking in Central Park. Done and done!! My trip to New York was a succes, and I loved every moment I have spent in this amazing and busy city. A dream came true. I will definitely go back one day, or even on holiday, because there are so many more things to do and see, and 4 full days is just not enough. But it was time to head back to Dubai and start working again, my flight was Mauritius, which is not a bad destination at all !!

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