maandag 11 april 2016

Beautiful Bali

Time for another throwback to such a magical destination, Bali. Bali is well known with many people, for it's partying, surfing, Ketut Liyer (the guy from Eat, Pray, Love with Julia Roberts, who reads her hand), and many more things this beautiful island has to offer.

I first had a Melbourne Auckland trip before I went on my own Bali adventure for 7/8 days. The flight from Melbourne was about 14 hours before I got back to Dubai, then I had around 3 hours to get to the airport. Since, there are many delays I already packed my bags in my suitcase with me. All I needed was a backpack and a handbag, some people might be surprised by my light packing, but it's possible I can tell you that. So after my 14 hour flight I went to take another 9 hour flight to Bali, as you can imagine I was feeling pretty tired once I got to Bali. But once I got to Bali it was all worth it. The first 3 nights I stayed in a beautiful resort in the area called Ubud, it was absolutely stunning, and every morning I could do yoga, which I did of course ! I also gave myself a really nice massage and a hot bath along the river, never been to a more peaceful place (or expensive). The first 2 days I could not be bothered of doing anything else then yoga, reading a book and tanning by the pool, so I did, because the only person I had to think about was myself. At night I walked to the centre of Ubud to watch the little souvenir markets and some temples. Couldn't buy anything really, because I only carried hand luggage, I know very clever of myself if I may say so. Good way to NOT go shopping. The last day in Ubud I did a morning walk before I got picked up by a private driver called Made, he would show me around. First we went to see the rice plantages, a water temple where I did some sort of ritual in freezing cold water where I had to put my head underneath the water, basically just did wat everybody else did before me, knowing I don't speak or read any Indonesian language.

Then the best of all, Ketut Liyer. The old Ketut is about 104 years old and probably only 1 tooth left, so I went to his son, also called Ketut. I was a bit nervous as well, because you don't know what he is about to tell you, could be anything!! I am a believer of those things, in comparison to some others. Before he took my hand he told me that my eyebrows and eyes are in balance, which is a good sign, since this brings you positivity towards other people as well, saying I am very positive in live. Then he told me that I had a good body, he did not have to read my hand to see that haha. Further he told me that I will live a long life, social person, that my friends come to me for advice, and that I will get married one day. He literally told me that, if I keep myself healthy by going to the gym and eat healthy I will find, and I quote, a handsome husband. CAN I GET A WHOOP WHOOP! haha just kidding, but I was pleased to hear this of course. Oh and I get 2 children, so we will see in the future if he was right or not. Anyway I was happy I went, so interesting these things.

That day it was a Sunday, and my friend Jessica told me, you have to go to Single Fin on a Sunday, it's a big party there! So of course I went, so many Australians, and most of them were there to surf, super cool. The place itself was insanely beautiful, it was build on a cliff and I saw one of the most amazing sunsets. I met so many nice people that night, got to my hotel in Seminyak around 2am. The part I thought I lost my creditcard the next day is another story, a story for another blog. I stayed in Seminyak for around 3 nights and 4 days, because I booked myself some surf lessons. I know how to snowboard so I was hoping it would be kinda the same, and it was. I could stand up from the first time, and I loved it! It's such a nice feeling going over the waves, the part you have to paddle back is less nice, but worth the 10 seconds on the board ! I ended up doing 2 classes on 2 days, I couldn't do anything on the third day because I could not lift my arms because of all the paddling, I'am not the strongest either, so I just chilled on the beach, which was amazing and relaxing as well.

When I was in Ubud I found out that friends of me and my family were also on Bali, a dutch family which I hadn't seen for around 5/6 years I guess. I went to meet them one night to go for dinner and drinks. So funny, on the other side of the world and you meet friends from back home! Such a small world we live in. It was so nice to see them and catch up. My holiday was so nice and relaxed, just what I needed. The way back to Dubai went quick because I slept most of the flight. It was so peaceful in Bali that I was a very 'zen' person when I got back. Bali is definitely worth going to, such a nice destination, beautiful landscapes, friendly people, not expensive at all, and there is so much to do ! Go BALI !

Flying is pretty demanding for your body so sometimes you just need to listen to it, need to know when to stop going and take a break from everything, thats what I needed and did. I listened to my body. Charging the battery. Sometimes I just keep going, I learnt to listen more to my body then before, otherwise it will tell you itself.

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