maandag 4 april 2016

Crazy March...

Where to begin with my march month. I was still on reserve (which means you don't have any flights until you are on standby and somebody else calls sick for a flight, then you have to take their position). It was just a few more flights till we were going on holiday to AUSTRIAAAA! But just before that I had 2 pretty though flights, Cairo and Dhaka. I was ready to go away for a week, laugh all day and be with friends and don't think about anything else. Well we managed to do that. We left dubai with 4, Alex, Wouter, Courtney and I. All from Dubai. I met wouter around a year ago on my Johannesburg flight and since then we stayed in touch and are friends ever since. Alex and Courtney I know through Wouter, he lives in the same building as them. We then flew to Munich first where we met Kay, Courtney best friend from the UK. From Munich we hired a car to drive down to Flachau in Austria. The first challenge we had was the car and all the suitcases, it was like playing tetris in real life. With 5 people and 5 suitcases (mine was the smallest and only hand luggage, pretty proud of myself here, haha), but in the end we manages, even though Wouter and Alex both had a suitcase on their lapes and Wouter even had one between his legs. It took us only 2.5 hours to drive to Flachau, with a little Macdonalds stop. Once we got to Flachau, we went to rent the gear right away so we could start early the next day!! I heard great stories from my dad and brothers who went to Flachau before me, that there was a bar called 'Hofstadl', where instead of taking the stairs down you can go down with the slide ! That convinced all us of us, we went there 4 nights in a row and had the best time! There were so many dutch people as well, so it was really easy for me just to speak dutch all the time. The second day we got up and then the 4 of them booked a private lesson with a ski instructor, to get back to the basics. I went snowboarding by myself for a few hours, it was just the best feeling in the world, going over the slopes snowboarding, breathing in the fresh air. The next three days we had the most beautiful wintersport weather you can imagine, bright blue sky! Snowboarding every day, straight from the slopes to the bar for a drink and a dance. It was just amazing, we had so much fun ! Took the slide down every time of course ! But then the drama happend, HOW to get back to Dubai ? Flights from Munich were all full and even overbooked, every single day. So we had to come up with a plan B, or even a plan C. We drove to Munich in the early morning, and Kay took the flight back to Manchester, then we took the last seats, and two jumpseats with Lufthansa down to Rome, to fly with Emirates from Rome back to Dubai. Best part was that Alex and I could sit in the cockpit from Munich to Rome, which was amazing to fly over the mountains down to Italy.

Once back to Dubai I had an Amsterdam flight, where I had a lovely dinner with my family, chilled on the couch with the cat, saw my gran in the morning and then it was already time to head back to the sandpit to clean my room before my best friend would come over for 5/6 days!!! Nikie, my friend as long as I can remember came over in Dubai. And how much fun we had. We went to the beach, we had a boat party, went out, went to the Dubai World Cup (will talk about this in a minute), did a desert safari, went to the waterpark and we even managed to go for dinner and drinks. I even had the pleasure to fly her back to Amsterdam. The best day, in my eyes, was the Dubai World Cup. It is the only horse races in the world where they can win the most price money, in a country where gambling is not allowed, which is crazy! So every year, it is the last race of the season. Everybody is dressed up, wears a fascinator, heels, everything! The girls first came over to my apartment to have a cheeky wine and have some food. So there we were, all dressed up, and you know what we ate, 4 massive pizzas haha! The day was just perfect, the weather was nice, and we had an amazing group, super dutch! To make a long story short, we drank too much champagne, ended up at an afterparty in the Burj Khalifa and had about 200 photos if not more, such a nice day. We will be talking about it for a long time!!! The next day Nikie and I did the desert safari, going with a car through the sand dunes, have dinner in the desert and watch a belly dancer, I counted it was my 5th time, but it's different every time ! That night we were so tired so we went to bed early, cause the next day we went to the waterpark, Wild Wadi, which was good fun, and later my friend Koen came with his nephew. That night we went for dinner with Sarah and the other girls, it was one of Sarah's last nights in Dubai. Can't believe she's out of Dubai now, still feels she can walk through that door any time!

Drinking champagne, because we are such ladies ! 

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