maandag 30 mei 2016

Los Angeles

When I got my roster in April for the month of May I was pretty excited, they gave me a LAX flight, which means LOS ANGELES! The city of the movies, hollywood, the kardashians, the hills and many more shows and movies that happend in LA. Even though I was definitely not looking forward to such a long flight, which was 15.30 hours on the way going, okay we did get a 3.30 break (still not enough)! Can you imagine being on a plane for more then 15 hours, I couldn't. The flight was on friday the 13th, and I can tell you, it was the longest friday the 13th I ever had in my life, literally. Because we went back in time, my day was about 36 hours, before the clock hit the 14th in LA. The flight was not full as well, probably as well because it was friday the 13th. We had good crew, and by good crew I mean crew who actually have something to say for 15 hours. I was together with a South African and Australian girl and sometimes you just click with somebody, and these two were hilarious. We flew over the north pole, which is pretty cool, but the pilots didn't tell me so I didn't see ANYTHING, all they have to do in 15 hours, is letting us know if they see something nice, and they even forgot about that.

Once we finally got to LA, the bus ride back to the hotel took ages, since traffic in LA is also ridiculous. That night I went for dinner with two of the crew because they had some friends who knew where to go. So after the flight I didn't sleep at all, just took a shower and got ready again to go for some food and drinks. We had such a good night in the area of the hotel, called Costa Mesa. By the time we got back to the hotel it was already 2am. And I was supposed to meet 2 other crew the next morning to get a car and go to Venice Beach and drive around LA. Sorry I just love the word LA, still sounds so amazing when I think about it. Anyway, just a few hours sleep and I was already on my way to Venice beach, we got there around 10am. It wasn't that hot yet or busy, which was good so we could easily walk around. Then I saw you could rent roller blades for an hour, since the others didn't know how to, I just got them myself. From the moment I heard I was going to LA I wanted to get roller blades and go around the beach, once of those things you see in the movies and you just want to do it. And it was just absolutely AMAZING!!! It felt so unreal crossing around Venice beach. I will post a video later, there are all sorts of people along the beach, from artists, a live band, somebody playing the piano, somebody else doing paintings, just literally everything. Then we saw that a group was about to perform, one of those men groups who do all these acrobatic dances, but pretty dangerous as well. Just felt like I was in a movie.

The night before I found out that I actually also have friends in LA, two American girls whom I met in Salamanca when I lived there 5 years ago. They found out on Facebook that I was in town, so I was planning to meet one of them on the Saturday night (2nd night in LA, since we stay for 50 hours, instead of 24 on shorter flights). After Venice Beach I really wanted to see Rodeo Drive (also because every time I see it on the tv, I just had to see it with my own eyes). Then my friends who got the car dropped me off at my friends place, who lives in such a lovely typically American house, with her husband and adorable little puppy dog. Her and her husband then brought me to the hollywood sign, which was on the way to where we went for some food. And again, sorry to say, it just feels like you're in a movie for 2 days, and it felt wonderful. Then we went to the arts district close to the city centre for some food and some games at a barcade, a bar where they have these old school games we used to play, those flipper machines. But by that time I probably slept for around 5 hours in the past 50 hours, so I could not wait to go bed and just take a shower and sleep. Which I then did for around 13.30 hours !! Must have needed it. The flight back to Dubai was in one word hectic. So many people and so many bags, but we managed, as we always do. It was an amazing trip which I will never forget, and definitely can't wait to go back and see even more.

Right now I'am in Dubai doing my Business Class Upgrade training. Just 3 more days of pouring wine, serving cheese and be super professional :P..... After that it is time for the real thing, where I start off to Delhi, then a 2 day layover in Toronto, then Amsterdam where I will see my lovely family, and then most important day of the year, my birthday on the 17th of June ! Which is right in the middle of ramadan, so my friend with the same birthday and year, we are trying to maybe go somewhere for 2 days to celebrate our birthday somewhere amazing! It's not every year you turn 24! It's a sign, because on the 24th of June, I have another Amsterdam, where I will be throwing a little birthday party in Amsterdam, so if you read this, and you're in Amsterdam, you're happy to join me and my friends !!

Can't wait for you June ! Bring it on ! <3

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